Archeologists’ efforts to discover 300 meter Statue of Bamyan recumbent/asleep Buddah

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BAMYAN, August 10th, 2010: It has been nine and half years since the Taliban regime demolished two ancient, giant Buddha statues carved into a hillside in heart of Afghanistan, Bamiyan. The demolition took place over two weeks in late-February and early March 2001. At the time, few of those who joined the international chorus condemning the demolition imagined there might be a third statue — an even larger “sleeping Buddha” — buried in the same valley. But an Afghan-born archeology professor thinks he is close to uncovering a 300-meter-long Buddha statue buried in a horizontal position nearby.

He is Mr. Zemaryali Tarzi who is an Afghan prominent archeologist with his team from French archeologists began their efforts to discover 300 meter statue of Bamyan recumbent/asleep Buddah in between two standing statues of Salsal and Shahmama here in Bamyan on 21st July 2010.

This is the ninth year he is struggling to discover 300 meter asleep Buddah in Bamyan but still his dream has not come true. On the basis of Chineas tourist/pilgrim reports, he believes that the statue of great buddah is situated in above described zone.

Professor Terzi in this period discovered many shrines, Stuppas and small and big statues and handed over to the government to keep and place for exhibition in the museum they are planning to build for this purpose. But last week Professor Ya Moychee, Japness archeologist with his team from Japan also have started their research on Buddah caves. This researcher believes that 300 meter asleep statue is situated near Ghulghula city.

This two archeologist are competing to discover this buddah from years and still they are hopeful that their dream will come true a day.

By: Ali
Zindagee Dar Bamyan Blogfa
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