Letter from a Hazara refugee: ‘We hope someone will hear our voices’

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20 men are still protesting on the rooftop of the Darwin detention centre (Clare Rawlinson - ABC)
20 men are still protesting on the rooftop of the Darwin detention centre (Clare Rawlinson - ABC)

Humble submission for paying a best and warm wishes to you from Afghan Hazara asylum seekers, Darwin Detention Centre, NORTH-I.

As the protest has been started since Sunday morning at 1:30 on July 23, for this hope that someone will hear their voices and say something for their rights that they deserve, but alas!

Still there is no process, no one came and [reassured them about what] they are requesting about.

They are on the roof and having [nothing to] eat and drink since that time. They are from Afghanistan. They are requesting for justice and fair process.

They are waiting for someone who comes to convey their request to those that believes in humanity, in justice, in peace, in democracy, in equality.

They are on protest and their protest is peaceful and very humble.

As they said before, we the people of Afghanistan will protest peacefully and never let any one to damage the properties which belong to the Australian nation, never let anyone to destroy the prosperity which belongs to Australian nation.

We respect the Immigration [department]. We respect the people of Australia, and the government of Australia.

We came here and believed that the Australian people [would] of course protect us. As we believe in you, please believe in us. We are waiting for you, for your kind assistance.

There are now on protest 15 people. The people on the protest are on the roof and are on hunger strike as well. There are more than 60 people who are on hunger striking while they are not on the roof. They are requesting for fair process.

They are requesting justice and requesting [their] freedom. They are on a peaceful protest.

They are requesting from you people to come and support for get them out of the cage.

So please, please forward our voice to those who work for humanity and believe in humanity. They want “freedom”.

They have written on the banner many things, such as:

1. We need help from humanitarian nation, we are Human. We came here for peace and safety not being in the cage.

2. We are human like you.

3. 19 months process not fair.

4. We believe on God, on you.

5. Awaiting for your help.

6. Freedom, Freedom

7. Will I be free one day.

Warm and best wishes for you.

Hazara Afghan Asylum seeker,
Darwin, NORTH-I, Detention Centre, Australia.

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