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BOMAN and SHAMAAIEL are brother and sister who are living in Bamyan Caves, near the Buddha Statues of Bamyan. SHAMAAIEL is younger and she always wants to speak with Buddha Statues.
Suddenly they entered in history and get acquainted with a man who repeats the historical circumstances and legendry story of SALSAL & SHAHMAAMA and some traditional music and dances which is nearly dead. And he also speaks about the tow great Buddha Statues of Bamyan and its historical incidents and events. The kids suddenly see themselves against Buddha explosion and bursting.

Salsal and Shahmaama Author Mr. Abdul Hakim Hashemi and Director Miss. Monireh Hashemi is producing by SIMORGH FILM ASSOCIATION OF CULTURE AND ART situated in Herat – Afghanistan and performed in the 6th Afghan National Theatre Festival and Halima Hashemi won the Best Actress of the year prize and also participated in the South Asian Women’s Theatre Festival in India and had performances in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Source: simorghfilmaca

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