Protest in Sydney Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

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Abbas Daiyar,
Thousands of Australian Hazaras took out a protest rally in Sydney on May 30, against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. The rally started from York Street with protesters holding banners and placards with slogans against Karzai and demanding security for Hazaras in Behsud. The large protest rallied was also participated by children, mothers and old. They staged a sit-in on Martin Place, where speakers condemned the corrupt and fascist Government of Afghanistan for keeping a silence on the massacre of Hazaras in Behsud. They demanded of the international community and UN to intervene and stop systematic genocide of Hazaras. The speakers asked human rights organizations in New York and around the world to take notice of the genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Below is what a young speaker, Farida said to the protesters;

“Annihilation of us in each generation

Today Behsood, Tomorrow Bamiyan

Their scheme is only domination

Sticks and stones may break our bones

But listen, you can’t kick us out of our homes;

Since the last couple of years, spring which brings a sense of life for the rest of the world, is a death warrant for the people of Hazarajat by the well-armed pro-Taliban kochis or nomads. The concern arise about the negligence of the Afghan government in resolving the problem of Kochis, and re occurrence of the armed conflict between kochis and native inhabitants of Hazarajat that has resulted in the deaths, injuries and displacements of thousands of inhabitants and looting. Although the Article 14 of the Constitution of Afghanistan stipulates that the government “shall design and implement effective programs for the settlements and living of the nomads”. THIS is much clear about the settlement of Kochis to avoid the suffering of the locals in the various part of country but still it remains of the burning issues, Unfortunately, rather than social community, they have been converted into a political and armed pressure, their last hardcore duty is to fight in the lines of Taliban and promote terrorism. Considering the need for maintaining the security and peace which are the pre condition for the realization of justice, ensuring democracy and guarantee the human rights.

The Afghan Government is not taking the Behsood crises serious, its time for the peace keeper NATO to take urgent and effective measures to stop conflict and violence, ethnic enmity, bloodshed, genocide and prevent human tragic events, seek legal and fair ways for a fundamental and permanent resolution of this problem otherwise again the communities will engage in re-weaponing to protect their homes and children and its government that is making them to take up arms. Therefore, We, The Hazara people, want an end to this unjust act.”

Photos by Farida Hazara

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