Protest in New York against Kuchi invasion of Hazara Homeland in Afghanistan

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Fri, June 4, 2010 – Hazaras from all over USA gathered in New York infront of UN headquarters to strongly protest the wide-spread looting, burning of Hazara villages, and killings of innocent Hazara civilians including children in Behsud and Daimirdad in Afghanistan.

On May 16th, 2010, heavily armed Taleban Kuchis (pushtun nomads) attacked several cities in Hazara homeland. The attack was followed by killing of Hazara civilians, looting of their homes, and burning of over 70 villages. UN sources estimate at least 1800 (4000 reported by our Hazara sources) displaced Hazara families taking shelter in neighboring areas.

This killing frenzy happened under the watch of Afghan Government, NATO, ISAF, and UN by the heavily armed Taleban-Kuchis. As of last report, Kuchis are still present in the Behsood and Daimirdad areas, and expanded their attack area to include cities such as Khawad and Nauer in Ghazni province. Several Hazaras are reported killed in those areas.

Recall, Kuchi attack on Hazara areas has been an annual ritual. However, last year there were no attacks as president Karzai (a pushtun himself) needed the Hazara votes during presidential elections.

Protestors travelled from different states such as NewJersy, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, DC, and Maryland to raise their concerns to the UN officials. Later a delegation of Hazaras presented UN officials with the protest letter (below).

Report of Hazara-Americnans’ demonstration in NY [ Farsi / Dari ]
Letter to UN – [ MS-Word ]
Voice of America interview – [ Audio | Link to audio on VOA site ]
Note: Interview starts at interval 21:00 in your player


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