Open Letter to UN Secretary General

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Australian Hazara Council has sent an open letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

To: His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of United Nations

United Nations Headquarters,

New York City, NY


Your Excellency,

We draw your attention to the ongoing killing, massacre of Hazara people, destruction of their homes, villages, schools, mosques and illegal armed occupation of Hazarajat land. Our people have been suffering from these types of tyranny for over two centuries, especially since 1890.

Many times our people trusted and put hopes into peaceful settlements of many issues with the governments of the time and compromised over and over again. Sadly with all the promises, every single time they have exercised severe discrimination and brutality against us.

All attempts by our people’s leadership during the last decades for peaceful solution to the problems of Afghanistan are very well known to the UN and its affiliated agencies. During and after the Bonn Conference, the convening of the Loya Jerga, the drafting of the Constitution and establishment of the Parliament in Afghanistan, the Hazara people anticipated the beginning of a democratic way of life which would finally bring them social justice, democracy and full participation, with dignity and rightfulness, in the development of a progressive and economically just society.

The Hazaras disarmed voluntarily and did not fire even one shot against Afghan Government and ISAF forces, but the stone age fascists (still not disarmed) with their some time religious labels and other times under Pushtunist banners tried to rehabilitate the old King Abdurrahman’s tyranny and murderous policies and practices.

With all our efforts, hard work and friendly expectations, the Karzai Government and the international forces did little for us and many other suffering and socially disadvantage groups. Instead, corruptions, nepotism, illegal occupation of homes and land plus warlords and Drug Baronies have flourished.

Civilians killing due to terrorism and “mistakes” of ISAF nullified all humane expectation. Our request and hopes from UN organizations and the international community is fading especially after the announcement of Karzai regime to place Taliban and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar forces in the government. The unconditional support of US President Obama for Karzai policies delivered more fire power to the Taliban and Kuchies to invade and kill Hazara people.

While supporting the establishment of peace and stable security in Afghanistan, the Australian Hazaras strongly sympathises with the oppressed and tormented Hazaras who have suffered at the hands of the nomads during the late aggressive invasion of Hazaristan. This is specific to the aggression and assaults seen in Behsud, Nahoor and Daimerdad which brought death, disappearance of people and injury to the defenceless local people. Hundreds of properties have been destroyed and thousands of people forced to leave their homes to escape the aggression and carnage.

1- We condemn the aggression of nomads and request the United Nations and human rights organizations, peace loving communities and groups, civil societies of the relevant donor countries to try and stop the Taliban Pushtun-nomads from the above mentioned inhuman actions. We condemn the forcible displacement of Hazara people and in the face of this invasion defend Hazaras who strongly believe in peace loving societies and in their efforts for the establishment of peaceful and democratic relations, and eradication of international terrorism and the criminal Taliban.

2- We respectfully request that you assist the Hazara people by formally advising the President of Afghanistan and his ministers and the Afghan Ambassador to the United Nations of the consequences of their failure to prevent the persecution, harassment and genocide of minority groups, specifically the Hazaras of Afghanistan.

3- The Government of Afghanistan can resolve the issue of the nomads under the provisions of Article 14 of the Afghan Constitution (regarding permanent settlement). A concerted effort by Mr Karzi to provide permanent settlement of the nomads will not only safeguard the peace and security of the country and prevent war and bloodshed but also will integrate the nomads as citizens and introduce them to the civil and cultural life of the cities.

4- We ask the international security forces, under UN mandate in Afghanistan, to effect the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of government backed Taliban forces (in the name of nomads) from Hazara homes and villages.

5- We strongly ask the international community to put a stop in the systematic genocide of Hazaras and bring those who committed crime against humanity to the hands of justice.

The result of inaction on these matters may not only facilitate the destruction of Hazara culture but also contribute to the genocide of the Hazara people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such inaction will also ensure that Afghanistan will remain in a state of turmoil with grave future consequences.

Yours sincerely,

Australian Hazara Council

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