Oppression of Hazara in Afghanistan

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Ms. Zareen Taj
Womens & Human Rights Activist

Zareen is from the Hazara ethnic group, the most persecuted ethnic minority in Afghanistan.

As a child, she witnessed the Soviet invasion and occupation of her country and the brutal oppression and persecution of her people. She became a woman rights activist and advocate and spoke at many rallies and demonstrations in Pakistan.

Oppression of Hazara in Afghanistan from zareen taj on Vimeo.

She has worked continuously to promote womens rights, human rights, immigrants rights and ethnic Hazaras rights.

After two decades of absence, Zareen returned to Afghanistan for a two month video documentary journey that she organized and led. She brought back over 40 hours of video tapes, 700 photographs and 20 hours of cassette recordings; parts of which are included in her videos here.

This video is only part of Zareen’s work as she hopes to complete a feature-length documentary.

Source: http://vimeo.com/2498820

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