The second celebration of the Silk Road

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The second celebration of the Silk Road will take place in Bamiyan and Band-e-Amir on Tuesday next week. Amir Foladi, the organizer of this event, has outlined that the main purpose of this celebration is to restore the local culture in order to create a more attractive tourist destination.

Some of the well known Hazaragi musicians such as Ustad Safdar Tawakoli, Ali Daryab, Mir Chaman Sultani, Sayed Anwar Azad, Humaiun La’li and Azim will be performing traditional Hazaragi songs to the audience. These singers will also be the judges for a musical contest to choose the best local singer out of all the participants.

Local games such as Lungi, Pushta-Baghal, swimming, rope pulling as well as the famour game, Buzkashi and horse racing will also be performed in Band-e-Amir. Other programs include three films about Bamiyan and local plays.

The number of tourists was around 5000 in Band-e-Amir last year. Considering the improvements made to the roads in Bamiyan and Band-e-Amir since last year, the number of international and domestic tourists is expected to grow this year.

This is a chance not to be missed as it is going to be a unique experience of a different place with a vibrant and colorful culture.

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