2nd Bamyan Silk Road Festival 2010

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Top 5 Hazaragi folk singers, Ustad Safdar Tawakuli, Ali Daryab, Mir Chaman Sultani, Homayon Laali, Wahab Nasiri and Sayed Anwar Azad are performing on opening ceremony of 2nd Bamyan Silk Road Festival 2010.

On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2nd Bamyan Silk Road Festival kick started in Bamyan football ground. Around 2,000 people, both men and women, flocked in to watch this event. The event started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran and sequenced by inaugural speech of Bamyan Governor, Ms. Habiba Sarabi. New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team Commander, Head of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Head of Commerce and Private Sector Department and Head of Ecotourism spoke to audiences. National and international guests from other organizations were also invited.

Top 5 Hazara singers including Ustad Safdar Tawakuli, Mir Chaman Sultani, Hoyamon Laali, Wahab Nasiri and Sayed Anwar Azad are particularly invited to perform in this festival and they are very popular among locals. These singer performed together by singing a Hazaragi song and people could not stop clapping for them.

Bamyan Silk Road Festival is annually organized by Bamyan Ecotourism/Agha Khan Development Network and by financial support of New Zealand PRT. Purpose of organizing this festival is to promote local Hazaragi culture and product. People love watching the fading Hazaragi games like Gurg wa Barra (Wolf and Sheep), Pushpo (cultural dance performed by women) and Buzkashi etc. Moreover local products like Bamyan Carpets, Waras and Panjao Namad (woolen carpet), Panjao dried up Mushroom,
Waras Barak (woolen coat), natural honey from Panjao, Waras and Kahmard, handicrafts, decoration pieces and toys are displayed in stalls for display and sell.

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