Government Conspiracy to Reduce Hazara Votes

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As the Afghan parliamentary elections are getting close, there are concerns of Government-led fraud-preparations for polls’ rigging. Many people have yet not the registration card for voting. The Afghan Election Commission has established registration centers in different areas according to population for people to get card. But in capital Kabul, the numbers of registration centers are not according to the population. West Kabul–a Hazara dominant area–is the most populated part of the capital, but there is only one registration center. Many Hazara politicians and parliamentary candidates have raised concerns on this, but so far the Election Commission has taken no serious notice. Thousands of Hazaras in West Kabul make long queues to go through the lengthy registration process and get the cards. This is a pre-plan conspiracy to influence the Hazara votes from West Kabul. With only one registration center, thousands of people will not be able to get the cards by the deadline. It will affect Hazara votes. The Government is intentionally not establishing any other registration center to slow down the process of registration in West Kabul in order to reduce Hazara eligible voters.

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