‘1325 Civilians Killed in Afghan War This Year’

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According to a report published by AIHRC, the civilian death rates in Afghanistan, mostly committed by the government opposition forces, have been increasing since 2001.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says the report is carefully written by its regional, provincial and central offices.

The report says 1325 Afghan civilians have been killed in conflicts in the country this year, of which 895 people have been killed by the government opposition forces, 303 by government forces and 127 others by unknown gunmen.

The report adds that 96 civilians were killed in January, 189 in February, 127 in March, 122 in April, 181 in May, 294 in June and 316 others in July this year.

A total of 899 of those killed are men, 209 are women and 217 are children.

“67.5 percent of civilian deaths have occurred due to the attacks by the government opposition forces,” a spokesman for AIHRC, Nadir Naderi told reporters.

AIHRC has also expressed concern about challenges facing Afghanistan’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

“About the Taliban who encourage people to vote for a specific candidate, I personally think this is a good action, but the people of Afghanistan must act responsibly,” said head of AIHRC, Sima Samar.

The commission says one candidate has been killed and two others have been kidnapped since the start of the parliamentary election campaigns.

It says the opposition forces in some parts of the country have threatened to prevent elections.


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