18 Hazaras Dead in Kuchi-Hazara Dispute and Police Firing in West Kabul

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Kabul: According to latest reports, 18 Hazaras have been killed in todays bloody dispute between Kuchi and Hazara and later the police firing in West Kabul. According to people at the scene, Police firing caused most of casualties. HTimes contacts on ground said 5 have been shot dead by Kuchis, while other casualties were caused by indiscriminate firing of Police. Angry mob has burnt down the 6th Police Station in Kabul, while protesters are chanting against police and the Government in different Hazara-residing parts of Kabul. Firing could be heard till late evening. The anti-mob police has been deployed in the area, while angry people were marching towards 13th Police Station.

According to BBC Persian, the dispute erupted on land issues. Kuchis were claiming land of the graveyard of West Kabul and local people resisted Kuchi construction.

The Kuchi-Hazara dispute is with a long historical background, getting bloody in recent years. There have been worldwide protests against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud in 2008 and 2010, but the Government of Afghanistan has made no efforts to resole the issue.

Here is archive of Hazara People and HTimes reports on Kuchi-Hazara dispute.

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  1. hussain

    I correct your news;
    first more than 25 people are killed by nomands and police and Afghan forcese yesterday.
    then right now, even today,
    it is 11 AM. shoting are being heared from different parts of West Kabul.