Who is the Afghan police man who killed two Spanish soldiers? Is he Pashtun, Tajik or Hazara?

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The BBC has just released that an Afghan Police man opened fire on NATO troops and as result, at least two

Badghis province
Badghis province
NATO soldiers were killed. The soldiers, who became the target of Afghan police man, were Spanish citizens, Afghan security officials said. The soldiers were responsible for training Afghan police forces in Badghis province and they were attacked during training session.
After three British soldiers were killed by an Afghan Soldier recently, wide range propaganda was made against Hazara people. Afghan officials and BBC said that a Hazara soldier was responsible for killing those British soldiers. In fact, the Afghan officials who were and are in a very close contact and tight co-operation with the Taliban, made the news in a way which specifically was targeting Hazara people.
Since the two Spanish soldiers were killed in Badghis province, it seems that afghan officials and the media like BBC don’t want to give out the identity of the killer. Is he Pashtun, Tajik or Hazara?
This type of dealing with the subject by afghan officials and the media like BBC shows very well that their only target is to put Hazara people under more pressure through unreal and fake propaganda.
They just say an afghan soldier. The word “Afghan” which is used by afghan officials and BBC, refers to all people from Afghanistan regardless to their ethnicity and race. But the truth is that majority people in Afghanistan use and refer the word of afghan just for Pashun people not for other ethnic groups. Other ethnic groups recognize themselves as Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek and other names. While afghan officials used the word of Hazara very clear for the killer of three British soldiers.

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  1. Eltaf Hussain

    The truth will not remain quite and will be view one day.
    After all the government of afghan is doing such fake propanganda, the NATO officials have such intelligence that they could judge the calprite.