Quetta, Pakistan: Bloody attack on Hazara people

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Most of suicide bombers in Pakistan and Afghanistan are Pashtun fundamentalists.

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  1. Neday Hazara

    I am very sad because the final price was paid by Hazaras. It means more family will grieve, more widows,more orphan and more young or old lives have been lost for those people who never think about Hazaras!

    My heart is completely broken and my soul is shuttered once again to see my beloved and naive people to be killed and injured. My people Hazara! Do you use your brain or you just completely switched off!

    Is this your own war or Arabs and Iranian Mullahs? Where they were when Abdul Rahman killed 62% of you people and the were sold or escaped to British India and mostly Shal Kot or Quetta and all over the world. Which Arab country or Iranian government or their personalities condemned or showed their support for you???? As you do it now for them… Each time you do there is more price. Why you don’t use for your own land to get back from those people who seized in Hazaristan your mother land???

    Then Pakistan and Bangladesh splited from India and British withdrew.

    It means Hazara were sheltered by British India for human reason… or some people say because of their connection with Mughol Kings. Anyway, then you rebellion-ed against India and showed strong support for Pakistan in hope of peace and dignity amongst Muslim. Did you really get the peace,security,prosperity and brotherhood? Do they accept you as Muslim or calling names like Kafar Infidel…..???

    I think we are fighting for the ideology and those people where we don’t have a proper respectful place at all. If you to Saudi or Arabic countries you have pray with closed hands against your well and religion. They are calling you pig and Khenzer! even if you go to Palestain. If you wanna wish to go Iran then you are Afghani Kasef or Barbaric Hazaras. There is no proper place for you all is hard labour jobs and use and abuse……

    I wonder why we are not thinking wisely and just fight for other people and scarifies our lives for Iranian agendas and Arabs.Mullas or Jamya Imamia at least get something. What about you and your widows and orphan? Will they get support or Yarana from Iranian government or Arabs???

    Have a look to themselves what is happening at the heart of Iran Tehran and all over major cities. Are the people happy with cruel and greedy mullahs????

    Just use your brain and logic not just your emotional and felling to give you bloodshed. Why you are chanting against those super power countries who at least ousted the Taliban or Al- Qaeda. I am sure if they were not be removed from Afghanistan they would wiped you from Quetta and the whole country Pakistan…. Allah bless you all and give you some logic and wisdom.