Coercive Mass Displacement in Uruzgan

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In addition to the numerous afflictions the Afghans have tolerated so far, evidences say that there are more things yet to appear in sight under president Karzai. Irrespective of how much realistic the government reports on security are, there are abundant sad occurrences happening across the country that remain uncovered by media. A series of coercive mass displacement has created painful conditions for the peace-loving Hazara civilians in Uruzgan Province.

The Hazaras, mainly located in Khas Uruzgan District, have suffered much due to lack of government control in the area and Taliban’s brutal approach towards them. Local civilians tell the sad stories of people’s grieves and predicament caused by insurgents atrocious practices in the area.

The government authority in the district is confined to few Kilometers around the district governor office which is located in the vicinity of NATO forces military camp. For long, the locals stayed suffering from ever-increasing insurgency and militant’s unjustifiable tortures while the local government failed to defend itself let alone protecting the innocent civilians. The circumstances have now become so painful that people in various parts of the district see their survival in abandoning the area. The current mass displacement, with its detrimental consequences, is neglected by the government and uncovered by media.

The issue is becoming more like an ethnic catastrophe as local Taliban are putting more pressure on Hazaras because of their support to the government and International forces. Following the 9/11 attacks, the Hazaras in Uruzgan have experienced highly appalling practices. The problem is getting tougher as the government is becoming less dominant in the area. There have been several atrocious killings by Taliban members in Khas Uruzgan that has never been reported publically. The government has in no way paid heed to such occurrences. On the other side, international forces have put them in greater danger by their temporary operations which have led to Taliban’s return and massacre of the people.

In June, reports revealed one of the many cases that happened there. Reports talked on slaughter of 11 innocent local Hazaras by Taliban members led by a local commander released from Bagram prison; the local government officials could only confirm the happening, no more. The poor civilians were atrociously slaughtered on absurd charge of spying for international forces that launched an ephemeral attack on a Taliban-controlled area and killed eight militants.

Undeniably, Hazaras have been the most peaceful group in the country and have made all-out efforts to bring about peace and security. They have fully supported the peace building process in the country despite being denied their basic rights in the post-Taliban Afghanistan and formerly. Taliban, whom the president calls his brothers, brutally slay the citizens as sign of “NO” to the government’s peace talk scheme. They have proved opposing to democracy, human rights, peace process and Afghanistan’s constructive relation with international community. It is high time the government and the human rights organizations take required actions before the calamity gets more disastrous.


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