Ghazni: At least 5 Hazaras killed by a Pashtun suicide bomber

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Afghans gather at the a site of a suicide bombing in Ghazni, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010. The bomber rammed a motorized rickshaw loaded with explosives into one of two vehicles in a convoy taking Deputy Gov. Khazim Allayar (Hazar)to his office in Ghazni city. His adult son, a nephew and a bodyguard were also killed, police said./ AP Photo

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  1. sharifi

    They are all ways killing the hazara peoples in Afghanistan, As we know the sucide bomber are close open and everybody well knows that they are thwos people whoare faced to the gazni governer reaction about the land which are occupied by the pashtun whos are calling kochy they all ways meaking treable riot in hazara place and this time they killed one of thwos one who are didnt want that this pashtun peoples should do whta ever they want we are all ways fithing for our right and this kinds of actions cannot be stop our people…

    I have a message for all of hazara peoples fight for your rights and dont leat this people to do whats wrong they want in all over the world…

    best reagrd shir hassan sharifi
    from the place which Ghazni governer was born…