Afghanistan: Hazaras from Ghazni Province

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Hazara People note: We respect all people, but Hazara people are not Afghan. Afghan or Pashtun is another ethnic group in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Afghan Hazaras from Ghazni Province (1) Nexus between general security situation and Hazara minority in Ghazni province, particularly in Jaghuri district; 2) Clashes between Hazaras and Kuchi nomads in Ghazni; 3) General information on the situation of the Hazaras.

Publisher: Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation (ACCORD)

“Hazaras are facing dire threats in Afghanistan’s central provinces. Jaghori residents in Ghazni province have been warned of an imminent Taliban takeover, and Oruzgan province recently has seen the Taliban killing of 11 Hazaras, decapitated because of their ethnicity and religion. […] The United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan recently reported that more civilian deaths occurred in 2009 than any other year since 2001.
January 2010 brought a further decline, with 40 percent more security breaches than in the previous January. Suicide attack methods have become more sophisticated and the These failures of security are directly affecting Hazara-populated regions within Ghazni, Oruzgan and Maidan Wardak provinces. Ghazni’s eneral security has been worsening, with the assassination of a former governor in 2006 and 23 South Koreans being held hostage by the Taliban in 2007. Analysts deemed Ghazni to be ‘among the most volatile provinces in southern Afghanistan’. In June 2010, the Afghanistan Analysts Network in Kabul reported that the Taliban have distributed ‘night letters’, a method of intimidation, to districts within Ghazni province. The night letters warn that the main road out of Jaghori which links to Kabul is now closed and ‘not to prevent the [Taliban’s] entry into this area’. Many now fear that insurgents will penetrate central Afghanistan and fear a repeat of the Taliban’s road blockade of essential supplies in the late 1990s. Located in Ghazni province, Jaghori is the former home of many Hazara refugees in Australia.
Disturbingly, just 11 weeks after the government’s suspension, the decapitated corpses of 11 Hazara males were discovered in the Khas Oruzgan district of Oruzgan province on 25 June 2010. Police official Mohammed Gulab Wardak reported they were killed by the Taliban ‘because they were ethnic Hazaras and Shiite Muslims’.” (Phillips, Denise/UNE, August 2010)

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  1. Ali

    salam,i need some information about peace condition in nawoor in ghazni porvince. Thanks.

  2. Salam

    Now is the time to build our country and it is enough of the war.
    I’m sure we can live peaceful if we want it, don’t listening to fucking irani people and fucking pakistani people they are destroyed our country.
    Remember one thing dostaye aziz irani and pakistani people called and calling us to their slave it is hurts me when them talking shit about my people afghan i love my people it dosen’t matter if you are pashtun, hazara, tajik or uzbak we are all afghan and i’m proud to be afghan. Please come brother to build our country afghanistan.we are talentet we can do whatever. foreigne can not helping us they are trying to destroy afghanistan it is just we afghan can serve to our country. Hamaye ma afghan hastem hazara pashtun, tajik uzbak nadare zendaaaaa baaaaaaad mardoomi sharife afghanistan. Peace