Immigration System Needs More Compassionate Approach

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It’s time for a commonsense and compassionate response to the failure of Australia’s immigration detention

The Australian Greens spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young
system, according to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on Immigration, says yesterday’s passage of her motion in the Senate calling for an end to the suspension of asylum claims is a sign of the Greens’ continuing commitment to fair and just treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees.

“Australia’s system of immigration detention is failing on many fronts, and the Greens believe a more commonsense and compassionate approach is needed,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“That approach must start with the lifting of the Government’s ill-considered suspension of processing of asylum claims.

“Stopping vulnerable people from putting their case for protection and asylum based on the country they have fled from, is as unacceptable as treating people differently because they come here by boat instead of by plane.

“These acts of discrimination breach Australia’s international obligations, but more importantly they represent an abandonment of our fundamental Australian values of justice, a fair go, and protecting the vulnerable.”

The Greens opposed the suspension of claims from its introduction, in the knowledge that it would have no practical effect other than to increase the backlog of cases within the system and magnify the anxiety, frustration and depression within Australian detention facilities.

“In addition to the Government’s approach, it is disappointing to see that the Coalition seems incapable of passing up an opportunity to demonise asylum-seekers and advocate ever harsher methods of dealing with them,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“These are not people to be feared, they are not committing a crime – they are exercising a legitimate and well-established right to seek our protection.

“The Greens will continue to push for a more measured and compassionate approach that recognises the realities of people fleeing persecution, and does not result in the punishment of those we should be protecting.”


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  1. Mustafa

    Hazara is the only Nation in the world that has been so cruelly treated throughout the history. This nation has been victim of ethnic discrimination, religious intolerance, political uncertainty, forced exiles and many other types of violence for centuries. Other ethnic groups on both sides of the Afpak border even consider Hazaras “infidel” and shedding the blood of a Hazara is not considered a crime. Now in such a catastrophic situation My Nation has only one way to seek asylum in countries where they could at least have their ethnic and religious freedom and live their lives without shadows of religious madness that has been hanging on our heads.

  2. Raza

    Hi there I am Hazara and proud to be .as a hazara i would like to share some points about my nation is that we suffered a lot from war and terrorism and our past is full of harsh memories so i must say that we Hazaraz are also like other humen living other part of the world and just like them we also deserve some needs of life like peace job and most of all the education opportunities so Aus is a place where we can live our dream life and make our nation progress so there are some sources who want to show the peaceful pic of hazara the monster and criminal which is totally against the nature of hazara so if any body watching these please consider Hazaraz as a peaceful ,hardworking, and education lover nation .

  3. Qadir

    Sarah Hanson seems like an angel not a human being when she says “These are not people to be feared, they are not committing a crime – they are exercising a legitimate and well-established right to seek our protection.”
    Australia has abundant natural resources. After giving them trade training in venu of Human Resource Management can put them to work boost its economy as well and demonstrate a fundamental Australian values of justice literally.