An emerging Hazara Author to compete Khaled Husseini with his novel manuscript in hand

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By Abdul Basir Ahang

Emerging Hazara Author M. Amin Wahidi is looking for a mass distributing publisher in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia for his novel about the Hazaras which is written in English.

In an interview with Hazara People he announced that he has depicted the world in his novel through the little eyes of a Hazara personage that is going to be a history maker in Afghanistan.

‘It is a bit hard to find a mass distributing publisher for the first novel of a young unknown author.’ said Amin Wahidi to Hazara People, but he would still keep trying different publishers in the USA and the UK until he finds the desired one for his novel.

According to the ten pages proposal he has written to the publishers, his novel is an original work that can fascinate millions of readers worldwide when his country is still on the headlines of world media and there is a vast thirst in the international book market for the literary works coming out about Afghanistan.

To respond ‘how come he is so sure of success of his first book?’ he said to Hazara People, “what comes out of a heart enters directly into a heart and my novel contains eastern facts and heartedly grieves from the land today called Afghanistan, described by a western language that is why it is very interesting for millions of readers worldwide!’

What his novel gives the readers Amin Wahidi explained to Hazara People,
‘by reading my novel you will be traveling to the real Afghanistan through forty years of life of the protagonist and will be feeling yourself a part of it, a part of the history of humanity on a part of the globe which is on the top of headlines of media of the world again these days. With this novel, I let you see the world through Chinese-like little eyes of a Hazara.’

‘The story begins in Afghanistan of 1960s and flashbacks to 1920s and then comes back and continues until 1990s all in Afghanistan. Then part of the story takes place in Pakistan and then Italy and finally another Imaginary Land and then finishes back in Afghanistan of 2014 with a happy ending’ that is how much he said about it while the title of this novel is not definite yet.

He believes his novel is a strong potential for adoption into a major motion picture while waiting for the responds of major US and UK publishers.

Considering the world attention towards Afghanistan, the Hazara People hopes this Emerging Hazara Author would find a mass distributing publisher for his novel as soon as possible.
Hazara People can provide his contact details to the interested mass distributing publishers.

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  1. Ahmed

    Great job! Good starting.. waiting to hear better News regarding your novel.

  2. hamid

    great job

  3. hamid

    I hope you will find as soon as possible an publishher who can pubilsh your well novel.and i waiting for hearing more about your names and your success.

  4. hamid

    dear MR.wahidi
    i hope like all of afghans and hazara people you will be so sucsseful with your job.and waiting for your book coming ut as soon as posible.

  5. qambar ali

    great to learn may Allah almighty give u more talent and immagination -meanwhile a good publisher also

  6. Mirza Azad

    Br Wahidi.
    Well Done, Great people always discuss ideas but u have done a great deal on behalf of the thousands of our martyrs like Baba Mazari and …… Of course U will find a big publisher soon, U have said urself “words which come out of heart hit directly the minds of millions of people” U R right. May God bless U with success.

  7. Hussain Hazara

    Dear Amin,

    We have to congratulate your efforts and hard work on your novel. You have done a great job, hope other Hazaras also can do some other research, and articles in English which are more useful as we have many dari articles which are not so effective.
    Best Regards
    Hussain Hazara

  8. Arif Jafer

    Dear Mr. Wahidi,

    I hope success for you and I hope that you would find a very big publisher soon. I am looking forward to read your novel as soon as it is published.
    Can I know the name of the novel?
    Wish You Success

  9. Mohammad Amin Wahidi

    Dear friends,

    Thanks a lot for your comments and kind attention.
    I am grateful to Hazara People Dot Com as well for publishing this article.
    Here is my email address to those friends interested to get in touch to talk about publishing issue.

    Wishing for the equality of the Hazaras with all other ethnic brothers in Afghanistan!

  10. sakhifida

    this is gonna be a mind blowing job for hazaras, in todays life every nation needs an academic class ,which discovers the bunch of truth for its own kind, so this is gonna open the eyes of the world inregrd with hazaras, ur book is gonna be the pride of hazara nation

  11. Mustafa Hussaini (Kamal)

    Dear Amin Jan,

    I have spoken with an Italian friend who is living in London and forwarded this topic for his further information. I need your cell number and email address, if possible, in case he needs to contact you directly for distributing publisher on your Novel.

    Thank you,

  12. Altaf

    Dear Wahidi,
    Greetings from Quetta – I wish you the very best of luck. The story sounds interesting to me. You must put in extra efforts [if need be] to get it published. You are absolutely true, ”we should let the world know how does it look like from the small eyes of us’. Again I wish you the very best of luck.


  13. J. Gulzari

    Dear Bashir,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your success,
    Please contact me on my contact details below and I will find you publisher
    Here in Australia, looking forward to hear from you.
    Warm Regards,
    John Gulzari from Australia

  14. Tarzi

    Dear Mr.Wahidi
    I hope that you can find an publisher who publish your novel.
    If you had not found it- I pray not be thus- for reaching to wide audiences it is better to put in different sites