Rethink Refugees – Farida and Hussain Dad’s story

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Hussain recalls his earlier life: “in Afghanistan, I was a shepherd and a farmer. We had a small house, very simple. We slept on the floor. Mostly we were happy with our life. All we really wanted was enough food and safety…”

But the Taliban made life very complicated. When Hussain refused to reveal his eldest son’s whereabouts, they threatened to kill him.


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  1. jamila alizada

    proud of you farida and now i will be more proud that we were class fallows

  2. abdullah alizada

    wow farida nice and we are proud of u that u r doing such agood job for hazara are the best and my dear friend if you remember kinder gartan school that we were falow over their so after fifth class you left but now i am proud of and my dear if you can just once contact me please…..thank you
    you friend abdullah alizada

  3. HUMa

    Proud of you Farida Jaan !