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Najeeb Farzad was born in Malistan District of Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He successfully completed his graduation from Faiz Mohammad Kateb High School, Afghanistan. After the completion of his graduation, he studied one year in Engineering Faculty of Balkh University.

After the fall of Mazar-i-sharif into the hands of the Taliban in 1998, he was forced to leave the afore-mentioned university as well as the country. Subsequently, he migrated to Pakistan where he learned English and Urdu.

He has learned Professional Photography. He followed many learning programs and worked with 3th Eye Photojournalism Center in Kabul and also with UNAMA.

He has also studied Master of Photography from World Photographer, Time Page in Afghanistan.

He is the Director of the following web blogs and websites:




Email address: najeebfarzad@gmail.com

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