Afghanistani Community Cultural Night in Sydney, Australia

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Arif Nabizadah | January 24, 2011

SADA – Reflections in the mirror of hidden voices is a Project that started in July 2010 after an active community member in Western Sydney, with the support of the Auburn Community Development Network (ACDN), Arif Nabizadah, was one of six people around Australia who won the Prime Minister’s Australian Youth Forum Challenge to run a community projecte

SADA Project is about encouraging important conversations within the Afghan community in Australia.

Over the last few months, they have collected and recorded the stories and opinions of Afghans of all ages about issues that are not openly discussed or talked about in the community and between generations, but that are important to the community.

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  1. Arif Nabizada

    Dear ???? ????,
    thanks for your nice comments, its never late to leave your beautiful words, im sorry for late respond. Yes we are proud to be Hazara, proud of what Im doing for the community to settle in this multicultural country.
    My sincerly appreciation from the Hazara people website for promoting the Sada event, its so nice of them

  2. ???? ????

    proud to be hazara it is really a good new eventhough it is too late to leave a comment,but it is our responssibility to support out new generation God help you to approach your goal dear Arif jan Long life is wished for you