Freedom or Death

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“Freedom or Death” is a documentary about the refugees who were detained in Australia’s most remote offshore detention center on the impoverished Pacific Island of Nauru. This strong human story is captured through personal interviews with key people who were directly involved with the issue, united by a common concern for the refugees. It is the inspiring story of Chaman Shah Nasiri, a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan, who acted as a representative for the detainees. When claims for asylum were rejected following prolonged and indefinite incarceration, a group of detainees began a hunger strike in a final act of desperation. Their official statement was “freedom or death.” This documentary explores a deeply controversial chapter in our history exposing human rights abuses, which were deliberately hidden from the international community. It brings light to key issues including children in detention, the forced separation of families, Nauru’s environmental degradation, and the hunger strikes. The documentary features interviews with Frederika Steen, Hassan Ghulam, Chaman Shah Nasiri, Julian Burnside QC, Andrew Bartlett and Dr. Sima Samar.

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  1. fredi

    This excellent documentary has never been screened on Australian television and the people of Australia remain grossly uninformed about what happened, and to whom, and why.Two Iraqi asylum seekers were deprived of their freedom and held on Nauru for five years.One was settled in Sweden, the other was in hospital in Brisbane for six months before being released. The Labor Government abolished the
    Pacific Solution” which solved nothing, but it has now become the jailer of 6241 asylum seekers in Australia – mostly held in isolated places where Hazara Australians cannot afford to visit. There are 1065 children in detention even though this is to be a “last resort”. Over 450 of those children are children who came seeking asylum alone, without parents, siblings. We lock them up. Many do not go to schiool. They are going crazy with waiting and losing their will to live. This is a shame on us all. We must stop this human rights abuse.

  2. sharif Hamdam

    John Howard, the then prime minister of Australia, was a cruel, opportunistic man who exploited the refugees plight for political gains and to get reelected.Ultimately, God gave him what he deserved. He was booted out of not only his prime ministership job but also out of pariament in 2007 election.

  3. Khan

    Sounds like detention centres in Australia are a lot worse then Jalozai and other camps. Hard to believe. You guys should come back if the government is treating you so badly. Hard to believe anywhere would be worse then Jalozai camp.