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14th February, 2011

HIF’s Central Committee has unanimously approved the appointment of Habib Ahmadi as Secretary, Foreign Affairs.

Habib Ahmadi – a resident of Southampton is very agile in public and humanitarian work – who is also working closely with a Charity known as Clear, working for integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. He has earned Level Five Diploma in 1st Line Management and conflict resolution. Besides, he is a member of Labour Party, Southampton. Due to his activism in the previous election campaigns, he has earned good reputation among known political figures.

His appointment on the above mentioned position comes in force immediately whereas all the members of Central Committee and workers have welcomed the move and hoped that he will perform his duties with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Press and Communication.
Hazara International Forum of Great Britain.

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  1. Ali Shafqat

    Salam Qawma e gul, Very sorry to read this comment about our elder, Haji Marzuq. Ofcourse there are some issues which needs to be taken seriously, but it doesn’t mean that the people go out and shout like that. There is a better way to solve the problems. Hope you didn’t mind. THANKS.