The tribalist Karzai government is the killer of 21 Hazaras in Daikundi, not snowfall

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Hazara People: The Chief of Daikundi Province, Qurban Ali Orazgani, while taking to the media, stated that at least 21 people were killed and 5 others wounded so far this year in Daikundi owing to heavy snowfall. The media, further, reported on Qurban’s statement that 16 people, belonging to one family, got killed due to heavy snowfall at Sang-e-Takht, Bandar District on Sunday night.

Every year thousands of people in Daikundi are killed because of natural disaster or disease.

Afghanistan has the highest infant and mother mortality rate including the newborns and mothers in the world. Most of death happen in Daikundi province.

Before any natural disaster or disease, the tribalist Karzai Government is the responsible for the death of Hazara children, women and men in Daikundi.

Karzai government has no interest in Hazara-populated areas of Diakundi to build clinic or hospital.

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  1. Sabir H

    I agree with the article, the government is not really interested to invest in Hazara populated areas.