Rejected asylum seeker fears death if sent home

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By Jane Bardon

An Afghan asylum seeker in Darwin’s immigration detention centre says he will killed by the Taliban if he is sent back to Afghanistan by immigration authorities.

Ahmad says he is a 27-year-old Hazara who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban took his community’s land.

Speaking through an interpreter, he says he cannot go back because “the first thing they are going to do with me, they’re going to kill me.”

Ahmad has been rejected as a refugee and is now appealing to the Immigration Minister to overturn the decision.

He says being detained for more than a year has made him very depressed.

He says he would like to go home but it is not safe.


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  1. ron

    Good send them all home ,
    no one wants them here with there violent ways ,
    why dont we give the Japanese a warm place to stay , i would gladly put some up in my house , they wont abuse our hospitality , or try to convert the country to Muslim .