Protest calls for end to kids in detention

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PROTESTORS have taken to the pavement outside Darwin Magistrates Court to campaign to get children out of detention centres.

June Mills leads the protest outside the Darwin Magistrates Court. Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD
June Mills leads the protest outside the Darwin Magistrates Court. Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD

The protestors were there to support teenage asylum seekers who were facing charges over a riot at Darwin Airport Lodge last month.

But they were prevented from entering the courtroom after Chief Magistrate Hilary Hannam declared it a closed court.

“We’re here supporting the young boys who are in court today, but the court is closed so we cannot go in there and offer our support,” said a spokeswoman for the group who did not want to be named.

“All children need to be released from detention, we don’t support locking anyone up – particularly children,” she said.

“We are really happy the government has announced they are moving all children out of detention, they made that announcement last year, and there are still 1000 kids in detention.”
“They have said they will all be out by June this year, so we are holding them to it,” she said.

“It’s been painted as an organised and a frightening riot, what we’re saying is when you lock up people, particularly teenage boys and you don’t cater to their needs, you don’t tell them what’s going on, and keep them in long term mandatory detention, things are going to go wrong.”


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  1. KD

    MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) houses majority of Afghan minors. Most are in their 30s – yes minors are supposed to be under 18. They are aggressive, violent and arrogant. They constantly damage property, threaten and abuse staff – especially females, have no respect for anyone etc, etc… So, why should Australia have them? Rubbish they will be killed if they returned home. Then again, if they carry on the way they do at MITA, no one in Afghanistan is going to accept bad behaviour. Yes, Australians are soft and generous bunch but they are finally catching on. Why should they put up with people who lie about everything and put them in danger in every aspects? The generosity has ran out. They will toss out their current politicians and put a stop to immigration. People like Pamela Curr will no longer be your savior. No one but yourself to blame. SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Nasir

    If they were kids then you can count on public support. If not the whole lot should be sent back. Anyone found to have lied at any stage of their claim should be sent back. Violence and intimidation against any Aus citizen should be used against should also be sent back.