Symbolic protest of Hazara People in Bamiyan: Donkeys have better service than Afghan officials

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Why the international aid community and the Afghan government spend millions of dollars in provinces where poppies, the drug business, terrorists and the Taliban flourish. Why do they not help the peaceful Bamiyan or Daikondi where the Hazaras live?

Symbolic protest of Hazara People in Bamiyan
Symbolic protest of Hazara People in Bamiyan
A certificate for better service
A certificate for better service
A certificate to donkeys for better service
A certificate to donkeys for better service
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  1. Hossein

    George Bush jr. gearresteerd
    What was considered impossible, is now with the messages seep come true,

    George W. Bush, the son of former President George H.W. Bush and the 43th president of the United States, was arrested at his ranch in Texas,

    Below, leaked photo circulating on the Internet in our eyes and speaks for itself. While George Bush was already the chance was arrested to be, most recently in February 2011, on his planned visit to Switzerland on the basis of crimes against humanity, shows the ‘risk’ to him, now from the other side come to be,
    Forces within the U.S. government have a complaint against the controversial presidential terms, on which prosecutor Kenneth Starr has issued an arrest warrant. The grounds on which the arrest warrant strength, appear to lie in the realm of “violation of U.S. Constitution,

    Of course this is an extremely broad definition, but when we consider the actions of Bush in light of U.S. constitutional perspective, it is not strange that this arrest today plaatsgevonden.We can, however, formally speak of a formal arrest, but of course will the U.S. government try this case too high to blow. It is a former president ..! And then the term ‘arrest’ use frequently, of course, the negative word “arrest” to avoid!

    What is Bush Jr. charged with ..?
    The messages from within our editorial about the charges, talk about a “strongly worded indictment. ” Extremely special is the fact that the charges have been filed by the man who once was a prosecutor another former president, Bill Clinton. These ex-president has threatened to justify his sexual escapades as. Starr wanted Clinton (who was even in office!) to court, because the crazy thing about intern Monica Lewinski,

    Kenneth Starr, “prosecutor with a familiar face” ..
    This Kenneth Starr, the U.S. is often described as one of the most influential prosecutors, law-mosquito, the show last year, George Bush II has been followed and goings, and to threads having analyzed. What Starr has just discovered, is not yet clear, but rumors talking about large sums of money that Bush would have received from one of the most controversial companies in the U.S., the “Carlyle Group.

    This dubious undertaking, which the U.S. law is not too literally, counts former government to its “employees” ..! The Carlyle Group uses the connections of these “workers”, for example in Saudi Arabia, one billion new orders for their supply military equipment (tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, defense electronics, etc). Click HERE for a staggering documentary VPRO Backlight, about the Carlyle Group.

    It appears that the grounds for arrest / detention took place on a number of key points is based. Here on these matters already WantToKnow revu regularly passed, but obviously, the most critical indictment of the role that Bush Jr. would have played in the torture in interrogations of suspected al-Qaida suspects,

    Presidential Pension ..
    Where George W. Bush thought of a quiet retiring enjoy, as a former president of the United States, where things suddenly seem so completely in a different light will be.
    It is therefore clearly after all the power of President Barack Obama, without whose consent the arrest probably could not have, that the voice of his people, and living for months about turmoil Bush II, now transformed into deeds.

    It was much journalistic media around the world, therefore, all the while completely inexplicable why the new president of the former president is not blamed for his quite extreme acts during his reign have occurred. Torture of suspects is proving to be impotent, but one of the many points on which Bush II apparently sued,

    But the complaint that most naturally springs to mind is the most probable charge of ‘crimes against humanity “. And be honest, well if you’ve seen the pictures of water boarding “suspicious” persons, please turn your stomach. Whether there is now a legal short cut could be found for this outright torture to allow, obviously does not matter. Provided you have a little feeling in your ass it. And by allowing this outrage, Bush has already answered this question. There is little sign of compassion in the behavior of Bush, nor his actions,

    Torture is a war crime.
    While the Nazi leaders of the Hitler regime after World War II were tried during the famous Nuremberg trials, there is now Bush Jr., in a-doubt-world view process will have to answer for its torture practices, that quasi-chic ‘waterboarding’ was mentioned,

    The facts show, by reasoning, that torture is equal to committing war crimes. It shows in the United States is very high penalties

    The Bush camp
    The question now is whether the other members of the former Bush administration will be free to escape persecution by prosecutor Kenneth Starr. We all can see how incredibly tenacious Terier these legal issues, when it comes to the bottom of to get.
    Former Vice-President Dick Cheney is the man, which of course now all eyes will be focused on, it’s no secret that this particular hawk was cunning, the man behind “puppet” Bush Jr., who actually pulling the strings in the U.S., during the eight years that George W. Bush was in office.

    But Donald Rumsfeld, former defense minister, should of course watch his step to adapt .. Because the torture of suspects, as we can see opposite, of course occurred directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence, although the final responsibility is always the president, with a stroke known as a “executive order can issue. This means that he actually and purely on his personal assessment, can make a decision that later in the Congress should be responsible,

    269 ??War crimes ..!
    Earlier we wrote here WantToKnow the article, following the book “George Bush, warcriminal ‘, by Professor Michael Haas. The foreword for this book was written by Benjamin Ferencz, the man who kept the indictments of Nazi criminals at the Nuremberg trials. Haas is in his sharp analysis of the behavior of Bush, a list of war crimes no less than 269 ..! If you look at the article still want to address .. It is .. February 2009, believe it or not, more than two years back then, and you’ll find it HERE on the site ..

    The list drawn up by Professor Haas is the first in this area that a coherent picture of specific war crimes in the next 4


    1 .- The decision for going to war
    2 .- Misconduct during these wars
    3 .- Mistreatment of prisoners of war and
    4 .- Bad governance by the U.S. during the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq

    It probably will not be true that all these 269 aanklachten Bush for getting his teeth, but if we are talking about the formal meaning of torture, it is possible a good, that we formally look at this list of 269 questionable decisions. HERE you can see them all one click!

    The biography Neck Developer Bush!
    The recently published biography of Bush, it appears very likely to have been the straw that let the legal bucket overflow. (Click HERE to WantToKnow for analysis). How awkward this ex-president in his ambsttermijn already made??, for many it was already late November very bizarre, that Bush is so remarkably free walking with his dubious role in many cases that are about his presidency have occurred.

    Apart from the fact that in many instances it appeared that Bush Jr. lied again all together, it also proved once again to his biography packed with plagiarism. In good Dutch we call that “overwrite another ‘..!

    The most critical passages in this biography about the torture that took place under his supervision, Bush now seem to be fatal. The so-called “water boarding” has been approved by him based on purely legal reasons, his advisers had suggested to him that the law is this form of “interrogation” would not be prosecuted .. Apparently Bush, with certain phrases and expressions in his biography, go in the swamp, possibly going to be his downfall.

    Even 9 / 11 plays a role!
    Now appear on the Internet rumors circulating that Bush was arrested, according to ‘inside the 9/11-aanslagen’ ..! Finance would he the Bush family have enriched this terrible episode in American history. Precise details are still missing, of course, but once we know more about these ambiguous cases, we will come back.

  2. ?????

    this is the most shameful sign for Karzai’s Government.