First response of Al-Qaida after Bin Laden: 10 Hazaras killed and 15 injured in Quetta

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Hazara People: Extremist terrorists Friday opened fire on Hazara ethnic civilians in a Park near a cemetery in Quetta, killing 10 people and injuring 15 others, police said. Among the dead, there are women and children as well.
Our sources say there are Pashtun- Taliban supporters of Al-Qaida behind the terrorist attack.
Just today hundreds of Pashtun extremists rally to condemn the killing of Osama bin Laden in Quetta, Pakistan. Most of protesters were Pashtun-Taliban from Kharutabad in Quetta. They are members of terrorist group Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam too.

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  1. Mohammad Sadeqi

    I deeply condem this incidentThose people are not humen ,they not born in humen home they are animals, they don’t know any thing about religon, they belind, they crminal of religon and all humanity.

  2. M A Aazra

    Poet said in Urdu i want to mention the same which could cover the situation:-


  3. atiqa batool

    hi dears
    i really condamn about the target killing of hazara ……………… its a great sham to pakistan n pakistani govt

  4. Laila Ali

    a Pashtoon Nationalist Party has called for shutter down strike in Quetta…… they are saying that we Hazara are their brothers and sisters……… I am totally dis agree with the site owner……. those religious brutals have killed pashtoon too and they are killing today again we are one mellath in we are brothers of each other and we should love each other………. we should condemn our shared enemy the terror…..

  5. hazara

    Dear brothers,

    such incidents and the previous incidents against the hazara people are the result of the Taliban extremists who are residing in the suburb of Quetta and attacking the innocent Hazara nation. when osama resides in Pakistan for the last 5 years and no body knows about them, when the Pakistan army and its agencies could not trace the american invasion of Pakistan, then how can its agencies arrest our enemies, even they know them well who live in the suburbs of quetta for many years, who got madrassas and who have teachings and terrorist camps in quetta.

    Pakistan is now named the worlds most blamed terrorist land for the outsiders, where there is no security for its people, the balochistan govt. who so called CM is famouse for his negligence and corruption is still there, who never knows what is happening in his city, a culprit and baseless govt. who never captured the enemies of our nation for the last many years, shame on the balochistan govt. and over its agencies, shame on the pakistan govt. with its army and with its agencies who are unable to secure its country and residents. They get much money from its people but can not protect its people. Today all the medias of Pakistan are blaming the Pak Army and Its agencies against the foreign invasions, the Taliban with its extremist groups, sipa-e-sahaba and Lashkare Jhangwi are killing everyday the innocent people in Quetta, but till now no one has been captured, shame on the govt. of Pakistan and on its army, if they cant secure its people, then why they get our money for defence, every year they get more then 6 billion dollar budget for defence but their roll is zero, shame on all of them. now is the time that the hazara people with other parties of pakistan should protest against isi and army, who have made Pakistan the land of bloodshed and religious extremism.

    for the people of hazara, its time to goto press, present such attrocities to the world and show the people of the world about the attrocities of the balochistan govt.

    God bless you all