Heavy weapons fired on Hazaras; 10 killed, dozens injured

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Hazara People: Extremist terrorists Friday opened fire on Hazara ethnic civilians in a Park near a cemetery in Quetta, killing 10 people and injuring 15 others, police said. Among the dead, there are women and children as well.

The attack took place in park near a graveyard of the Hazara ethnic group where the teenagers were exercising and then visitors to the graveyard were praying for dead relatives.

Police official Hamid Shakil said the Hazara gathering was in a neighborhood park in Quetta in southwestern Pakistan when they were shot at. The attackers fled, he said. “They were taking morning exercise when the attackers came in two cars and indiscriminately opened fire on them,” he told Reuters. He quoted residents as saying the attackers fired rockets before shooting.

Witnesses told police that about a dozen gunmen arrived in two cars in Hazara Town, a The Hazara-dominated neighborhood of Quetta, before lobbing rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and then opening fire with small arms, Junejo said.

The attackers fled after firing, he added. Another senior Quetta police official Hamid Shakil confirmed the attack.

Police investigators said that it appeared to be a sectarian attack.
This seems to be one of the series of target killing against the Hazaras in Pakistan in the recent years.

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  1. ali naqi

    how many do you want to secrifice.? how many hazara brothers do you want to see dead infront of your eyes? isnt it the same situation like before it was in afghanistan that when ever our enemy attacked one city of us the other said that its not my problem or its not my turn yet,
    how long are going to collect dead bodies of our inocent brothers? why our great NATION HAZARA are still sleeping and closed both there eyes and ears?