Kochis again well armed to kill more Hazaras

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Hazara People: Commentators for HazaraPeople have recently reported from Behsood that the Kochi tribal nomadic Pashtuns are armed and equipped with heavy weapons and have arrived in Behsood and Daimirdad pastural lands and hillsides.

This is one of the most testing times for the Hazara population this year as the Kochis (nomadic Taliban) come to them as an additional source of oppression aside from the Taliban itself.

This is the fourth continuous year that the Kochis invade Hazara lands in the Spring season; they kill Hazaras, destroy their farms and burn their houses.

While the local people in Behsood and Daimirdad districts suffer drought and natural disasters in these areas, the Kochi attacks make life harder and force them to evacuate the area and flee to neighbouring provinces.
The defenceless civilian Hazaras in Behsood and Daimirdad are mostly farmers and do not have arms to defend themselves, while the official Karzai government decrees allow Kochis to carry weapons and arm themselves ; an injust legitimized persecution of innocent Hazaras.

The Kochi attacks on Hazaras has a long history which repeats itself every year in the spring season. The clashes had stopped for a short period during the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul but then it began again thereafter during the rule of the Taliban and now the US backed Karzai regime.

Hazara home burned and looted by Kuchi /May  2010
Hazara home burned and looted by Kuchi /May 2010

The Karzai led government does not only have no intention on interfeving and putting an end to the dispute, but it uses the Kochis as leverage to silence the progressive Hazaras.

This year it is worse than the previous years; the Kochis are equipped and armed heavily by Al Qaeda forces and the Taliban to avenge Bin Laden’s death, as a result they target civilian Hazaras who are politically moderate and striving for democracy. Hazara ethnic group are the main target victims of Al Qaeda as they are essentially civilians unable to defend themselves.

It is the responsibility of NATO to protect Hazara people from the Kochis’ bloody attacks.
To every single Hazara around the world, help the victims of Behsood and Daimirdad district by representing their voices and cries for help. Hazara International Network calls up all Hazara intellectuals and human rights activists for an international campaign against Kochi attacks to alert the international community about their interference in Hazara lands in Afghanistan.

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Report on the Case of Conflict between Kochies and the Local People In Behsood (Hessa-e-Awal, Hessa-e-Dowm) and Diamirdad districts of Maidan Wardak province

By Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

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  1. M. Mehdi

    These coward bastard have no remorse whatsoever. We should prepare for worst and hope for the best.

    I am willing to do my part. But the question is what can I do?

  2. saadjaan

    hazaras of Afghanistan have always supported the moderate and progressive forces and resisted forces of darkness, now this is the responsibility of US led NATO forces to protect the lives and properties of the innocent hazaras.

  3. Walayat Mangol

    The hazaras will have to gather on a single platform without any border differentiation to combat this kind of coward attacks and atrocities, so it is the only way to live and secure our future with full of honour and dignity, Enough is enough.

  4. Sohil Khan

    It is certainly a bad news, but we all shall think about the solution of the problem by fruitful negotiations among the tribes and local community. I am sure there are misunderstanding among Afghans, why we didnt have these problems before why we have so many conflict. It is all because of the other influences parties, but anyway it is the time for all of us to solve such issues through discussions. Try one time two times and unless you dont reach with other party for good solution, and once the misunderstanding is removed these people will start loving each other and live like brother as before. Thanks.

  5. shoaib turk

    agression of uncivilized,barbaric kuchies against innocent hazaras is extremly disturbing and deplorable,afgan govt must act like the govt of all afghans.it must stop the carnage now or it will be too late. pushtun intellectuals must break there silence and speak out against the crimes committed by pushtun kutchies against the hazara people.this conflict has a sectarian dimension this makes the situation even worse. a worried muslim from pakistan