Quetta: Another bloody attack on Hazaras

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Quetta: Another bloody attack on Hazaras / Copyright: GETTY IMAGES
Quetta: Another bloody attack on Hazaras / Copyright: GETTY IMAGES

Terrorists kill seven Hazaras in Quetta
QUETTA, May 18: Terrorists of a banned outfit attacked a pick-up bringing members of the Hazara community to Quetta with automatic weapons on Wednesday, killing seven of them.

A minor girl was among the dead in the attack at Killi Kamalo area, on the outskirts of Quetta. Five others were injured
A spokesman for the outlawed Lashkar-i-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to police, victims belonging to the Hazara community were going to Quetta in a pick-up after purchasing vegetables from the Hazar-Gangi’s main vegetable market to sell it in Quetta.

When the vehicle reached near Mir Gahi Khan Chowk area of Killi Kamalo, armed terrorists riding motorcycles opened indiscriminate fire, killing four people on the spot and injuring eight others.

The spokesman for Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, identifying himself as Ali Sher Haideri, called media through a satellite phone, claiming responsibility for the attack.

Police said that two pedestrians were also wounded in the firing.

“The unidentified men carrying automatic weapons and riding motorcycles escaped from the scene. The attack appears to be an incident of sectarian targeted killings,” police said.

The Hazaras belong to the Shia sect.

Five of the seven victims were identified as Ali Ahmed, Qurban Ali, Ghulam Ali, Ishaq Ali and Hanif Hazara.

The injured were Jan Ali, Yar Mohammad, Haji Jumma, Raheed Mari and Mohammad Qasim.

DEMONSTRATION: The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), Hazara National Jirga (HNJ) and Hazara Youth Organisation (HYO) condemned the killing and demanded of the federal government to dismiss the provincial government.
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Seven shot dead in Quetta

At least seven people including a child were shot dead while five others sustained serious bullet injuries when some unknown gunmen opened fire on them here in Quetta at Saryab road on Wednesday.
According to Police, some unknown gunmen on a motorbike sprayed bullets at a minibus carrying people of Hazara Baradri at Kalicoharabad area, resulting in killing of seven people including a child.
The deceased have been identified as Ali Ahmed Hazara, Ghulam nabi Hazara, Aashiq Ali, Qurban Ali, Ali Ahmed , Hanif and five year old Tahira Bibi. While five injured were Jan Ali, Mohammad Ali, Yar Mohammad, Haji Jummah Hazara and Rashid Mari.
The assailants fled the scene of crime.
Police said that the deceased, belonging to Barori area, were on their way to Hazarganji for buying vegetables when they were attacked.
The dead bodies and the injured were shifted to the Bolan medical Complex. Police have cordoned off the area and started hunting for the culprits.
According to the police five of the deceased were of Ahl-e-Tashi sect. The police after completing all necessary process has handed over the dead bodies to the heirs and has registered a case.
A week earlier seven people of Ahl-e-Tashi sect were also killed and numerous wounded in Hazara Town by firing and rocket attacks
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7 Hazaras killed , 4 injured in firing

QUETTA : Seven Hazara community persons including a minor girl were killed and four others sustained injuries when unknown persons opened fire on their vehicle here Wednesday.
According to details, Hazara vegetable sellers were bringing vegetables form Hazar Ganji market to Marriabad locality here today. When they reached Killi Goharabad Sariab road miscreants riding a motorcycle opened indiscriminate fire. As a result four persons died on the spot while 7 sustained injuries. Dead and injured were shifted to BMC. Three more injured succumbed to their wounds at the hospital raising the toll to seven. They were identified as a girl Tahira (5), Haji Juma, Ishaq Ali, Muhammad Haneef, Ghulam Nabi, Qurban and Ali Ahmad. Condition of injured persons is stated to be serious.

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The dead included Haji Juma, Ishaque Ali, Muhammad Hanif, Ghulam Nabi, Qurban and Ali Ahmad. Police surrounding the area were hunting for the culprits.

Quetta firing death toll rises to 6

QUETTA: Among the four injured in the Saryab Road firing by some unidentified persons here, one succumbed to the injuries raising the death toll to six, Geo News reported.

Police told that among the four injured by some unknown persons’ firing at Kali Goharabad, one succumbed to injuries during treatment in the hospital.

The dead included Haji Juma, Ishaque Ali, Muhammad Hanif, Ghulam Nabi, Qurban and Ali Ahmad. Police surrounding the area were hunting for the culprits.

The dead and injured persons from Barori area were on their way to Hazarganji for buying vegetables, when near Kali Gauharabad some unknown persons started shooting at them resulting in on the spot death of five persons, while the four injured were shifted to BMC hospital.

Balochistan Chief Minister, Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani, taking notice of the incident, ordered for investigations and immediate arrest of the culprits, while the Hazara Democratic Party, Majlis Wahdatul Muslemeen and Tahaffuz Azadari Coucil condemning the incident demanded for immediate arrests of the accused.

Quetta: Another bloody attack on Hazaras Copyright: AP
Quetta: Another bloody attack on Hazaras\ Copyright: AP

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Quetta shooting incident claims six lives
By APP / Express
QUETTA: Six people were killed in a shooting incident in the Goharabad area of Quetta on Wednesday.
Police officials said that unidentified men opened indiscriminate in the area, which resulted in the killing of six people and injuring ten others.
“A group of vegetable sellers riding in a vehicle loaded with vegetables were on their way to Hazarganji vegetable market located in suburb of the Quetta city when unknown armed men riding on bikes opened fire at them near Killi Goharabad and Killi Kamalo,” a police official said.
The bodies were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex.
Officials say the incident could be part of the ongoing target killings in the city.
Earlier, on May 6, seven people had been killed by activists of a banned sectarian outfit who also fired at least three rockets on residences in a locality near Hazara Town in Quetta.

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  1. Itahad

    now the time has come to think seriously about the fate of our nation.we need to get united and should start taking the revenge from our enemies . we are capable and i am confident this innocent killing will automatically stop. we need to deal with them with iron hand to give them a lesson.

  2. yazdan

    salam to all iam sure that governament of pakistan knows that who are they?who is enemys of hazara nation and shia, pakistan governament supperter of them, now world hazara people should protest about target killing of hazara nation in pakistan quetta in every place, in one month almost martyred 15 innocent person from hazara nation

  3. NaseemHazara

    There is a need to protect our nation, but alas those who call themselves our leaders or heads in Quetta city, show apathy even to meet those poor martyred families, rather than helping or organizing a force against them as the Gov, has been failed to protect us, or to pressurize the Gov.

  4. saadjaan

    How many EARS must one person have..! before he can hear people CRY?
    And how many DEATHS will it take till he knows that too many people have DIED ?
    And how many YEARS can some people exist before they are allowed to be FREE?
    And how many TIMES can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t SEE?
    The ANSWER….my friend, is BLOWING in the wind,the answer is blowing in the WIND.
    (lyrics from song by Bob Dylan)

  5. saadjaan

    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
    (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
    we strongly condemn the killings of innocent hazara people in quetta and demand the balochistan government to take stringent measures to bring the terrorists to the justice.

  6. Saadat Ali Hazara

    After Abbottabad US operation killing Osama Bin Laden taday its second attempt of terrorism against innocent Hazara’s martyred 7 by Al Qaeda /Taliban backed baned extremist organization Lashker e Jhangwi. We condemn these acts of terrorism and once again after Hazara Town Incident in which 7 Hazara’s were martyred urge Pakistan govt as well as military establishment to ensure our security. We believe that these sort of terrorist acts will open the way for Nato forces lead by US to act in our territory against Taliban’s QUETTA SHURA present in Quetta.
    By: Saadat Ali Hazara