In a terrorist attack four Hazaras were killed in Quetta Pakistan

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Hazara People: Based on reports from Quetta a coach was attacked by unknown terrorists on the way to Quetta Wednesday June 23rd in which four Hazara civilians were killed and eleven more were injured.

The witnesses on the scene believe the attackers ambushed in Hazar Ganji – Quetta belonged to Lashkar e Jhangvi, an extremist terrorist group that had issued an open letter about a month ago warning the Hazaras and the Shias to death.

The terrorists at first had tried to stop the coach but as the driver did not stop, following them the group opened fire on the coach killing four, injuring eleven then they escaped away.

The wounded were taken to the governmental hospital in Quetta who are reported to be in critical condition. This is the seventh attack on Hazaras in Quetta only in one month which has caused the death of tens and the injury of dozens. The Hazara people’s enemies have started an ethnic-cleansing project in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is said that all terrorist attacks against the Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan are planned by specific terrorist groups under government protection in both countries.

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  1. Safar Bahaduri

    First of all, I express my deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost thier lives in this tragic incident in the hands of the coward and ingnorant terrorists.
    I feel very sorry for the innocent people who wake up in the morning and start a peaceful life but unfortunately thier day ends up with terror and blood.
    Hazaras are the most peacful and hardworking poeple on earth. but they are targeted for having that quality.
    What is happening Nowadays in Quetta is completely shocking and terrifying innocent people are targeted for having a peaceful life.
    Who is to blame? I reckon there are two organisations or in other words those who are in power need to be blamed for the current situation in Quetta.
    The government who has all the resources and accoding to the law a government is resposible for providing security.
    And the second organisation is our representatives who have got votes from people to be in the provincial and federal parliment.
    everyone has to to do thier jobs properly.