Australian Hazaras’ protest in Sydney

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  1. zabiullah ayoubi

    tashakor az hazarahayam

  2. zabiullah ayoubi

    man zabiullah hazara astam wa az tamami hazarahayam tashakor mikonam ki tazahorat brayee mardom khod barpa karda ast ba omid mowafaqyat harchi bishtar hazarahayam

  3. Mahmood Rizayee

    First i would like to thanks those who still feel sorry for being masirble of this Great Nation and want to work for his people . secondly i really appreciate the protest of Hazara Nation in Aus..
    it is great step that held by Hazara New Generation,, which shows Hazara’s unity and union.
    but one more thing that must be mentioned; which this is not the way to leave or quite our homeland for such a small reason for being comfortable.
    instead i thing we should stay in our own homeland and work for our complate freedom where everyone in everywhere could live whitout of any threat. not to worth ascapt then contesting with problems and fact,,, todays problems is one of the social fact that need changes and secondly all the Hazara Nation can’t leave his homeland to stay safe
    please come on get to gather for making of bright future, where your mather, sister, brother feel secure and safe thier diginty
    i hope we all make straggle for a betterment of current situation and use of current opportunities for changing of Hazara Nation social , political , economical issues
    please , please , please , please , please , please , please , please , please , please , DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THE HOMELAND SITUATION ,,,, NOT TO ASCAPT FROM FACT AND PROBLEMS AND PROBLEMS WILL BE NEVER LEAVE US IF CONTINUED THE SAME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IT IS THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND AND ACT NOT TO BEG,,,,YES TO BEG FOR SAFENESS,,,,,, BEG,,,,,,,,,,,,,I CALL IT BEG,,,,,,,,, I HOPE SO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. mehdi shahzad

    sallam taashakor az hamai kasai ke dar in ehtejaj shirkad karda bood omid ke bary SEEKERS ASYLUM (MAHJIRIN ) Ke qarar ast pass dar malisy beyaran kame sadai khod ra nishan ba jahaniyan bedyhid thashkor nazare shakhse ma bod qasdy kasy nadram…..thashakor

  5. hazara girl

    hazaras have to be united

  6. Muhammad Asif

    The people of Hazaras living in Quetta really appreciate the positive action taken by Hazaras of Sydney. with the hope that it would be the start of the journey. It must be noted that the hazaras of Afghanistan and Pakistan need more and more projection of the brutality and massacre done against them by the extremists.
    An international organisation which should only highlights the problems of hazaras on international forums, a wide range of electronic and print media and a well organised welfare organisation to address and fulfill the financial needs of the victims are the urgent need of the time. with a hope that such an imperative channel would be launched for the greater cause of Hazaras…..

  7. Naseem

    First, we should thank to those good Hazaras in Aus. who have done a great job.
    Secondly, if we discuss politics in every home, but still we are raw in this field and have to contemplate it and get better results.
    No one is loser, helping financially the victims is good but not the solution.
    The solution is to be united, even Hazaras in foreign are not united, they are indulged with tribalism curse.
    Get United, and they make our own free country, where every hazara can live according to his belief and not harming each other.

  8. Mustafa

    Hazara’s protest, demonstrate and always talk back. Politics and Hazara is the first and most topic in every Hazara home, but there is no benificial move towards betterment. The Hazara communities in Australia are the biggest losers. The head of communities should provoke every Hazara to financially help those victims of any type of attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Plzz who ever read this message do something.

  9. Mehdi moradi

    well done