A new target killing: Gunmen kill 11 Hazaras in south-west Pakistan

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At least 11 Hazaras were killed Saturday and three more injured when unknown gunmen attacked a passenger Arshad Butt AP People mourn the death of a family member in Quetta, Pakistan on Friday, July 29, 2011. Unidentified gunmen have killed seven passengers at a bus terminal in southwest Pakistan, police said, and another 12 were injured. Baluchistan is home to a small separatist movement that often targets Pakistanis from other parts of the country living there. Many non-Baluch have left as a result. (AP Photo/Arshad Butt)vehicle in south-western Pakistan, police and health officials said, dpa reported.
Police official Ismail Durrani said the gunmen opened fire on the bus carrying 14 passengers from the minority Shiite community.

Zain ullah Kakar, head of the Bolan Medical College, told German Press Agency dpa by phone that the hospital had received “11 dead including a woman and three injured.”
Police said all those killed Saturday belonged to the Hazara community, a predominantly Shiite group that has been targeted several times by Sunni extremist groups.

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  1. qader

    may Allah take the revenge of this from this person, hazara are good and mostly poor people, I have so many hazara friends they are pretty good with me.

  2. qader

    may allah take the revenge of this, and hazara are poor people I really love them, I have so many hazara friends they r pretty good people.

  3. BuyanZaya

    Hello my Hazara brothers! I am from Mongolia. you can find me on facebook by name “Buryat Mongol Buyanzaya”.

  4. basi gol sharifi

    in this attack 14 people killed.3died people are in army hospital.