Australian got talent, Hazara Refugee artist Ghulam Sakhi Hazara

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  1. aschtar ali beg

    salam dear cousin and keep up with the brilliant and the most fascinating artworks

  2. aschtar ali beg

    salam ghulam sakhi and well done dear cousin and keep up the brilliant artworks.
    send my salam to everyone in our family.

  3. Pessimstc Mil

    Really great visions. I really love the use of colours in his works. The paintings leave an impression that is undescribable, but amazing. I really would never forget the lady in blue colour with her embroidered shalwar. Amon others I loved specially the kid rolling old tires. These images burn themselves in the memory. Hope to see more of his works.

  4. rahmat south korea

    thank you my brother, i can just say thank you my brother , you have wonderfull feelings, you have gift . you really do, (Don’t Stope)

  5. Madeleine Kingston

    Thank you Ghulam Sakhi Hazara for some lovely paintings capturing the beauty of nature (in roses, tulips, fountains, trees and pastures), joy, pain, suffering, bloodshed, stormy seas, captivity, deprivation, senseless detention, even of babies, loss of hope, apprehension of danger; oppression and genocide. So bring on freedom.

    The Hazaras have been through a great deal. I add my good wishes for a future that is free from oppression genocide and suffering to all your people.

    Australia should be proud to have you as a new citizen and have the opportunity to enjoy your talent


    Madeleine Kingston

    Victoria Australia

    @skylark100AU1 Twitter

  6. Inqilab

    No doubt that he is a great artist… We Hazara proud that we have these beautiful minded artists 🙂 gud on ya mate !!!

  7. ali

    Salaam qauoma e gul.Bisyaar mashalaah khub istahdaad daraaa.
    bisyaar khush shoodoom ki imrooz moo ham kaseee raa daraaaa ki daar jahaan e jadeed maroofi kani.
    hazara is hazara wether from afghanistan pak or iran please stop people who make fun of others on this basis.we should remember just one thing the enemy kill us in the name of hazara not pak ira afghanistan or bamiyaan
    long live hazara

  8. Mohammad zia

    The photoes were realy fantastic, well done to this talented artist

  9. liyaqat

    Besyar art jalib wa dedany boad dasty shoma dard nakonad .
    Arzoy mowaffaqeyat barat darom brother.