26 Hazaras assassinated by terrorists in southwest Pakistan

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  1. Arif

    Dear Hazara Brothers
    Its a very very tragic moments for every hazaras arround the world . This is really a serious matter of what is going on in quetta the terrorists are planning to wipe out hazaras from quetta and they are trying and achieving their goal but what we have done so far to do something for our good, its really hard thing to do but he must do something for our selves and for our brothers , its enough ! I am appealing to every hazaras arround the world to organize a protest against such genocide of innocent hazara people at least this is the basic thing we should do now , no heart would bear such killings of our lovely people . Please whoever reading this message should think in fact without thinking just take steps and move forward and rise your voices to let the world see what is going on . At least everyone is able to do this so please take serious action against such barbaric acts of terrorism . God bless you all


    Dear Brothers,

    The world or United Nations is not going to do anything for us nor the terrorist will stop killing us. We all should plan an effective strategy how to mitigate target killing of our innocent brothers, only protesting won’t help us. Lets raise against our enemies, lets get united, let do something to heal the wounds of those families who have lost their loved ones, lets put our words into actions. We should no longer sit back and wait for our enemies to stop killing us. We have waited for our enemies to stop killing us but they won’t. Why we’re not learning from history! Hazaras of the world get United.

  3. Mohammad zia Hassanzadeh

    We must think how to protect our selves, we can no longer relay on our enemies to gives us protection.

  4. hazara

    Dear brothers,

    we have been targeted by such terrorist groups for many years, now is the time to start protest around the world and tell the world about the atrocities of the Pakistan govt. the blochistan govt. is still there and they never feel the genocide and bloodshed of our people. ISI and Pakistan army never help us, but they always support such extremist groups, because they established them for their purposes. Its time for the hazaras of the world to protest everywhere, so that we will teach such extremists.