Oslo protest agianst genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan

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  1. Daniel Azad

    Good job Hazara brothers in Norway

  2. baror changgezi

    salam bradaran wa khaharani mohtaram…

  3. Ali G

    Salam all my Hazara brothers
    I am really in dept sadness that our innocent people are dying everyday in dirty animals country. Where all the savage animals living. They are curse to human beings. They are the black spots on Islam. We are developed nation & most hard working prosperous people living in that shitty country. Our people are living there in great fear. The most currupt & shitty local & federal govt this bitch country ever had. Current govt of porkistan is all full of basterds. They can sell their mothers for coins. Beggers of this world. Thats being as paki is nothing more than a curse. They are with full black face in this word & will remain amongst the worst nations in this world. I feel very regret that our fourfathers settle down amongs savage dogs. All of our sacrifices are in vain that we gave for that country. its not worth it at all. They only know how to destroy the peace of this world. cut all the relations & goodness towards every porkis ( sia pai che )
    They are not worth of our sacrifices. I requests all the Hazara people living in the other countries to raise their voices agains the brutality & savageness of these animals ( porkistan’s federal & provincial govt ) & let the world knows more about their reality.
    Long Live The People of Hazara ( Azra )
    God Bless every Hazara.

  4. Changez Khan

    Great Job by Quama
    Please keep continue thier protest all over the world

  5. hazara

    Dear brothers,

    first I would like to encourage my brothers in Oslo who protest today against the attrocities of the Balochistan Govt. in Pakistan. I will also ask the hazara people of Sweden, Denmark, Austria and other parts of Europe to start protest against the brutalities of the Balochistan Govt. in Pakistan. I will encourage them to protest infront of the Embassies of Pakistan and United Nation to take action and also infront of the Human Rights Commissions of the world to let them know about the bloodshed and attrocites of the Pakistan govt.

    I hope that now is the time that we all hazara people from afghanistan and Pakistan will take part in such protest and let the Pakistan govt. about our unity and strength that we can make anything for our survival.

    God bless you all