Attack on Hazara community in Quetta: 13 dead

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QUETTA: At least 13 people of Hazara community were killed and seven seriously injured after unknown gunslingers riding motorcycles emptied their automatic weapons at a bus in Akhtarabad area of Quetta, Geo News reported.

Reportedly around 20-30 people on board a passenger bus came under fire on their way to Hazar Ganji from Quetta. It’s hard to establish the number of dead/ injured owing to scanty details, but casualties are feared to rise as some of the wounded are in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses say the gunmen stopped the bus, dragged some passengers down and shot them dead following which they opened indiscriminate fire on the bus making more kills.

Police have cordoned off the area and the dead/injured are now being rushed to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) as Bolan Medical Complex to which they were shifted earlier lacked emergency treatment facilities, said last reports.

The attackers made their escape before the police could arrive at the scene. Later, some enraged people set the ill-fated bus on fire.

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  1. Madeleine Kingston

    Please allow me as an Australian supporter in Melbourne Victoria of the worldwide #Hazara community to express my deep sympathy to the families of those senselessly killed in the name of religion of the second bus attack of innocent civilians.


    Deaths in Pakistan bus attack… or

    This is further evidence that Australia or any other country rejecting Shia #Hazara #asylees or either coercively obtaining ’voluntary return’ or else facilitating forced return would be guilty of re-foulement, as expressly forbidden under international provisions, yet to be further tested before higher courts.

    Nonetheless the AU Executive limb of Govt and the Opposition are determined to change domestic laws in an attempt to escape their enshrined international obligations.

    PM Julia Gillard pacifies the Malaysian Govt by assuring them that the unconscionable swap deal is still on. This is yet to be debated before Parliament in a continuing debate that is cursorily blocked by the Opposition in a political gaming exercise.

    Meanwhile the Liberal Opposition Party hoping to gain power in the current climate of unrest, substantially support Labour’s proposed amendments to domestic migration laws seeking unfettered Ministerial powers as referred to above.

    Happy to clarify this in future posts but have covered in my tweets in Twitter @skylark100AU1


    Madeleine (@skylark100AU1 Twitter) (prev A/c was skylark100 minus the AU1)

    Victoria Australia

  2. Mubeen

    it will happen when our judiciary release the terrorist with 100 murders (Ishaq – Lej), this killer is the residency of my city (Rahim Yar Khan). Residents including me knows well that he is the killer, but unfortunate our “courts” has no “proof”.
    Thanks to courts.
    This is the story of one case about a terrorist, while today a Judge orders media, not to publish “supported material” and media need not to worried about terrorist’s threat , as they (Judges) are not : … 2 face 🙁