Genocide of Hazara people continues in Pakistan

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Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011: 13 Hazara people were killed and 7 other injured.

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  1. habib

    I am habib iam from afghanistan&Iam hazara
    Ilive in india new delhi I want acontact are
    telephon number from my hazara brother ho
    study in Ulaanbaatra univercity .plz. Can you
    help me?thanks

  2. Prof.,Dr. Jonong Tsoros

    Many Mongols are in close solidarity with our Hazara sisters and brothers. We are supporting you not only in spirit but also organizing meetings, press conferences, setting up Mongol – Hazara Culture Center, being in friendship and close contact with Hazara students studying in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia etc.

    Those beasts will get their response soon for their inhuman massacre and killing ! The smart mankind will understand soon at least that there do exist other invisible, untouchable, etc. forces including the spirits of our ancestors that could punish them who made such kind of sinful deeds.

    May the Eternal Blue Sky including other Gods bless our Hazara brothers and sisters !

  3. Madeleine Kingston


    Thank you for your very kind words of appreciation for my moral support on behalf of your fellow-Hazaras throughout the world.

    I have been worried since I read of increased target violence against the Hazaras

    I am ashamed to say that the Australian minority Government are now indistinguishable from the furthest right in the Opposition Party, and no longer wish to either uphold their own Labour Party Platform values or the spirit or intent of the UN Refugee Convention and associated Treaties and Protocols.

    They wish to have the status of belonging to International Treaties upholding human rights but they are no different to those who also sign up in name but commit crimes against humanity.

    Whilst these may not be demonstrated ion physical beatings etc, the long term effects of detention are devastating wherever innocent people attempting to escape persecution are held for no other reason than to provide a message of deterrence.

    I have no faith in my own Government on humanitarian issues or the possible future Liberal Coalition Govt who wish to reinstate the evil #PacificSolution and use appalling detention facilities at #Nauru where people suffered terribly and were not treated humanely to all accounts. #ManusIsland, PNG will be no better

    Temporary Protection Visas, if this these are reinstated under either Government will add to mental distress and uncertainty and long-range often irreversible impacts. They may also be instrumental in exacerbating the incidence of taking leaky boats since families find it difficult to be separated from each other indefinitely.

    The policies are going backwards and are based on selfish political games at the expense of those trying to escape danger. They are petrified that enormous numbers would arrive to overcrowd this island continent. It may be ten years or more before anything may change.

    We have a non-responsive Executive Govt. Though there is evidence of internal disagreement on these issues, I am not hopeful that the more humane policies that I would like to see in place are likely to be visible on the horizon in the foreseeable future.
    The Country Guidance Notes relied upon are based on pressing #refugee status assessors at all levels to reject all those who are seen to be subject to ‘generalized violence’ in other countries rather than personal subjects of violent attacks.

    The concept of widespread #genocide on based on ethnicity, religion or political beliefs is not something this Government of the Opposition wish to concern themselves about.

    I wish I could give you better news, but I will undertake to be honest and try to provide regular moral support.

    I certainly expect nothing at all from this current Government, which is lacking in leadership and humanity at the Executive level. The Opposition are no better though posing as having concern about safety and welfare. The hypocrisy and selfish foci are impossible at present to address at present, though I daily make efforts to raise awareness and project public criticism.

    I have always found the Hazara people I have met in Australia hospitable, peace-loving and a delight to know. They are hard-working wish to be self-sufficient and integrate.

    I fear for those left behind, whose chances of being properly handled at present if they do risk the journey are small.

    The Australian Government is looking in the near future to change domestic laws providing Ministers unfettered powers and this is not something that reason or argument will easily change.

    Nauru has officially become a signatory to the #UNRefugeeConvention, so if the Liberal Govt manage to get support in Parliament for their proposal to adopt most of the provisions suggested by the minority Labour Govt under Julia Gillard, #Nauru may well become the venue of third country detention for all those intercepted in Australian waters or even arrive on their shores.

    Merely being a signatory does not guarantee proper treatment or protection.

    The picture is gloomy, and it is a gloomy message that the Australian Govt wish to convey as part of their unconscionable deterrence policies, as they believe if word of mouth is effective people will simply stop coming.

    You have good reason to be proud of being Hazara and part of a closely-knit community, but I am no longer proud of being Australian if it means being seen to identify with inhumane policies that I cannot support.

    I believe that beyond being citizens of our own nations and belonging to individual cultures, we are also citizens of the world and must care about the suffering and persecution that others face in countries where their safety and fundamental human rights are at risk.

    Since I do not use Facebook for security reasons, I am happy to use this site if permitted to chat about these issues and provide information and whatever moral support I can.

    Thank you very much for responding to my message of condolence.

    Kind regards to all


    @skylark100 Twitter

  4. habib manavi

    we wont be successful until we are united against our arrogant enemies

  5. Hussain

    @Madeleine Kingston,

    Dear Madeleine,

    I appreciate your thoughts and comments regarding Hazara people. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of all Hazara people around the world for expressing your deep grievance, sympathy and love.

    In deed Hazaras are under attack not just recently but for quite some time. I believe these sort of coward attacks can not achieve their brutal motives. This has been proved by the past history that, forcefully finishing people is not going to achieve the goal. It were true, Hitler would have been able to achieve his goal.

    Additionally, I would highly demand from Australain Govt. to take notice of these attacks and being a responsible country in the international community allow the Hazara assylees to come and process them on priority. These people have suffered alot and should not be alllowed to suffer any further in detention centers for long.


  6. Madeleine Kingston

    Dear Hazara People

    Please allow me as an Australian supporter in Melbourne Victoria of the worldwide #Hazara community to express my deep sympathy to the families of those senselessly killed in the name of religion in the second recent bus attack of innocent civilians.

    I attended the Melbourne Rally against Genocide at the invitation of the Shamama Association and a meeting on 10 September of that body to grieve for those who have been killed, but now there are further senseless killings

    I repeat my condolences here as I was unsuccessful attempting to respond to or

    (which permitted only Facebook Comment . For security and other reasons I do not use Facebook)

    See also Deaths in Pakistan bus attack:… or

    and or

    This is further evidence that Australia or any other country rejecting Shia #Hazara #asylees or either coercively obtaining â??voluntary returnâ?? or else facilitating forced return would be guilty of re-foulement, as expressly forbidden under international provisions, yet to be further tested before higher courts.

    My personal connection with and respect for the #Hazara community is something I greatly value. I have been able to observe the extraordinary sense of connectedness and community spirit; resilience and adaptability of the Hazara community, in addition to their adaptability. I have always found the Hazara people to be friendly, hospitable and peace-loving.

    It was a great privilege for me to be invited to this event in Melbourne and to support the Hazara cause. Without reservation I recommend the #Hazara people to the rest of the world. Without reservation I urge consideration of their special qualities of resilience, determination, collective and individual motivation.

    While the inhuman execution of the innocent civilians are carried out in Afghanistan, the champions of democracy, including the USA, Great Britain, all the Western powers and the so-called civilized institutions such as the United Nations remains as spectators on the side.

    This historical information does not need repeating for Hazaras, but I provide it for the benefit of others who may read these pages.

    See Sep20 Mastung/Luk-Pass area near Quetta â?? provincial capital of Balochistan.; #Genocide


    Please also see: Wahhabist jihadi terror networks Al-Qaida affiliates responsible ongoing #EthnicCleansing #Hazaras

    Nonetheless the AU Executive limb of Govt and the Opposition are determined to change domestic laws in an attempt to escape their enshrined international obligations. They favour the unconscionable #MalaysianSolution, a country where undocumented arrivals whether #asylees; confirmed #refugees and #migrant workers are regularly caned; abused, abitarily arrested; bribed by officials.

    Judicial Caning #Malaysia #Singapore #Brunei or

    Amnesty Report: A Blow of Humanity: Torture by Judicial Caning in Malaysia or

    Free Malaysia Today Malaysia handed a Merdeka refugeeâ??] slap or

    #Refugees in #Malaysia want to escape to Australia as Malaysia is a hell-hole for them, but Australia is making other plans for their incarceration in some third country, even considering returning them to the hell-hole, to the ill-fated #Nauru or the unsuitable #ManusIsland, #PNG.

    World Wide Protest Against Genocide in Pakistan and Afghanistan Kabul Press 1 October and my three recent responses or

    #ManusIsland, #PNG is being considered as a back-up dumping ground. Also most unsuitable.

    PM Julia Gillard pacifies the Malaysian Govt by assuring them that the unconscionable swap deal is still on. This is yet to be debated before Parliament in a continuing debate that is cursorily blocked by the Opposition in a political gaming exercise.

    Meanwhile the Liberal Opposition Party hoping to gain power in the current climate of unrest, substantially support Labourâ??s proposed amendments to domestic migration laws seeking unfettered Ministerial powers as referred to above.

    They seek to expel people for processing or otherwise to any country who has signed the #UNRefugeeConvention (and/or associated 1967Protocol). Such countries include those who have never respected #humanrights.

    The Liberals favour #Nauru which was part of the failed #PacificSolution of the evil john #Howard, Phillip #Ruddock; Amanda #Vanstone era, and which was closed down as a most unsuitable processing or dumping ground.

    Singapore refuses to accept returned boats as it once did; unless it shot at the boat to terrify its passengers or to secure bribes

    Regrettably the reputation of Australia for upholding #humanrights has just about vanished â?? which may be exactly the deterrence message they wish to convey. I have no time for the current Govt or the Opposition because of it.

    Happy to clarify this in future posts but have covered in my tweets in Twitter @skylark100AU1

    Kind regards

    Madeleine Kingston
    Victoria, Australia
    @skylark100AU1 Twitter

  7. elham

    it is to hard 4 hazara people every day the are killing us what we have done wrong witha them we people jest working to pass our life what this people want frome us .
    we people must to work for our hazara people it is too sad 4 us

  8. sadiq qurbani

    man eftekhar mikonam ki hazara hastam wa bare mardomi sarbulandi wa azadi wa salamati me khaham mamnun az zahamati shoma baradaran
    ba tashkur sadek maksudi

  9. ismatullah

    dear qawma, please be ready and aware all the time.those idiot killers wont stop this soon. Defend yourselves if possible, may allah help you.