Melbourne: Representative of Refugee Action Network among Hazara protestors

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  1. Ghulam Hussain

    Madam well said and very nice. I m impressed from your speech and noble causes, passion for humanity its great really keep it up your voices and nice vision you have. I live in Quetta, Pakistan, I lost my best friend in a suicide car bomb blast on Eid day one month before. Above then 600 hundred innocent Hazaras killed by targeted killings and suicide attacks by LeJ and taliban extremists terrorists evil forces. on the floor of provincial Balochistan Assembly Home minister said we have information about these evil extremist terrorists forces but we can not arrest them. what dose it mean and who are responsible for these nasty brutehood inhumanity act, after killing they accept responsibility through media, where are the law and law enforcement institutions and responsible authorities, where are humanitarians activists or organizations, When Balochistan Government’s C.M. can not knows about the fake and original Degree by his own Media comments degree is degree both are same near him, how he can arrange or provide security for the people or apprehend any culperit. Balochistan Assembly is a unique all members are Ministers. C.M. just interested to secure his chair nothing else have interested. once again I say thank you very much.