Asylum seeker Ismail Mirzajan wins reprieve, says Refugee Action Coalition organiser Ian Rintoul

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Hazara People note: We do respect all ethnic groups, but Hazara People are not Afghan. Afghan or Pashtun is another ethnic group in Afghanistan.

THE deportation of an afghan asylum seeker who is fighting to remain in Australia, has been delayed after a court today issued a last-minute injunction.

Refugee Action Coalition organiser Ian Rintoul said the ruling from the Federal Magistrate’s Court today means Ismail Mirzajan will be able to remain in Australia until the case, which is yet to be decided, returns to court early next year.

Mr Mirzajan, 27, was due to be deported tomorrow.

“It’s a win for us but it’s a temporary win,” Mr Rintoul told a small crowd of protesters outside the Immigration Department in Sydney.

“While we should bask in the small victory that we have had in the court we have only won a reprieve.

“The court has found that there was a problem with procedural fairness.

“It is an interim order from the court this morning and there will be a date for a proper hearing … Likely it’s going to be in February.

“We’ve bought a considerable period of time.”

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  1. sara hazara

    salam plsss safe ismail mirza jan from deporting him from australlai where should innocent hazara people goo!!!! is there ni place for inocent hazarass ????