When Will The Hazaras Have a Day Without Mourning?

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Hazara People:The target killing of the Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan does not seem to be stopping.
Wednesday, January 25th, three more Hazara personalities were targeted in Quetta Pakistan by extremist terrorists of “Lashkar e Jhangvi”.

Mohammad Anwar, a poet, Abid Hussain a television actor and Welayat Hussain a police officer were all shot-dead at 9:00 p.m of local time on Mechanichy Road in down town Quetta.

The police arrived to the area very late, while the terrorists, after opening fire and killing their targets, had already fled the scene by motorcycles.

For most of these serial target killings of the Hazaras in Pakistan, “Lashkar e Jhangvi” and “Sepah e Sahaba” two extremist terrorist groups in Pakistan have always taken the responsibility insisting on their famous slogan “Eradicating the Hazaras from the earth.”

The Hazaras are the pioneers for peace and democracy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Hazara People International Network condemns today’s terrorist target killing and invites the Hazaras from different religions and different points of views to unite and continue their efforts for democracy, justice and brightening in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

With today’s target-killing in Quetta Pakistan, the extremist terrorists emphasized once again on their cruelty and inhumane brutalities but “is it possible that a terrorist group would eradicate an ethnic with more than six million people?!”

Hazara Poet Muhammad Anwar killed January 25 In Quetta Pakistan

Famous Hazara actor and artist Abid Ali Nazish killed January 25 In Quetta Pakistan

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  1. Hazara khan

    Salam alaikum ,
    bisyar jai tasoof asta ki yag dega waqia afsosnak shud , afsos ra da jai belin bayad bachai qaum fiker kin akhir rah e hal azi masla che musha , ta kai zada shuda bori az afghanistan ta pakistan , imroz da rah e chaman am Hazara qaum ra aghwa munan barai pool (paisa) wa mo da khau aste . bedar shin jawanai qaum da kharij Australia , Canada , New Zealand wa European mulka …..bugeen da pakistan wa afghanistan az pashtoona khoraka wa ajnas poshidni wa dega chizha nakhrin , az Hazare azkhod khu 10 rupee ziadtar bekhrin …… eqtisadee mamla ra qad azi qaum bad pashtoon khatam kin , khod azina adam mushan .
    Bache Hazara

  2. ali

    mardum ma bayad dast ba dast hamdiger behehan wa rah chara besanjad. ta bakay ma mesli gusfan qadli am shawim. hamay murdom khobe ma wazifa daran ke famin onhara komak nonim ba tashatur.

  3. neamatullah

    ????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? …………. ?? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ????

  4. Hazara

    Another sad day for our people….

  5. Danish

    may Allah bless this all with heaven .but we have to stop talking just about problems and lets think about the solution and our coming generation and lets to do some thing practically except these protest of few hours ……………

  6. Zulaikha Rezaie

    Another painful incident. These perpetrator must be hanged publicly.

  7. Love Ali Hazara

    khuda bia murzaa shiran…

  8. Ishaq

    Oh God when will Hazara breath fresh air with out smell of blood and terror. I have been sitting in live program that was perfomed by Abid Ali………….He was a real great person. God rest his soul in heaven.