Neither is the Media nor the Judiciary is Free

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By Muhammad Zia Sultani, social activist

Hazara people living in Quetta known by their capabilities, sincerity, cleanliness, discipline and hard work are at the mercy of the corrupt government. They are the people who have set examples of bravery and honesty. Their talent and perseverance raised them from a soldier to the rank of army chief. They are law abiding citizens. Members of this community work 200 feet deep in coal mines to earn living, send their children to schools and pay the utility bills. Today this community being in minority is to be retaliated and has to pay the debt of their sincerity and services for the achievement of today’s Pakistan.

In this plight, this community thinks that provincial government itself is indirectly involved in carrying out terrorist activities. There are facts and figures which make people believe that high profile officials are backing and providing shelters to the assailants. Baluchistan Home Minister, Mir Zafarullah Zehri said that government knew the hideouts of the terrorists and there were some ministers who were involved in kidnapping for ransom incidents in the province, but he did not have the authority to arrest them.

According to chairman of HDP, Abdul Khaliq Hazara there are around seven police stations operating under the influence of some ministers in the assembly of Balochistan.

Governor of Balochistan, Zulfiqar Ali Magsi announced, “We will be compelled to deploy Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps in Quetta for maintaining law and order if government continues to fail in curbing the incidents of targeted killings.”

People have totally lost their trust as the government has miserably failed to protect the lives of citizens. People think that it is not only incapable to maintain law and order situation but also it backs the terrorists in killing Hazaras. Chief Minister’s call on HDP was rejected due to government’s incompetency.

People are losing their hopes on federal government and chief justice of Pakistan either. Hazara Students Federation having a protest in front of Quetta Press Club said, “We don’t have any demand from the provincial government. We want CJP (Chief Justice of Pakistan) and international human rights groups to take notice of this nonstop human tragedy.”

Now that the Supreme Court has turned a deaf ear to miserable situation of Quetta, target killing has intensified, there is no halt in this surge of violence and Hazaras are killed with impunity. CJP has not taken any serious action to improve the law and order situation In Balochistan. He has not even condemned Mr. Raisani for his callous statement about Hazaras. “I will send a truck load of tissue papers for the bereaved families to wipe their tears.” His statement is mortification of human dignity and human liberty.

Now it is time to look upon Security Council, Amnesty International and all human rights groups to end Hazara genocide in Pakistan. A world wide protest is called by HDP in Pakistan, to raise our voices through peaceful and civilized manner against the silence and negligence of Pakistani government. This corrupt government only vows but never takes any serious and practical step to fight terrorists. Mr. Mohaqqiq, leader of Hizb-E- Wahdat (Unity Party) met president and prime minster last year. A delegation of HDP was called on President Asif Ali Zardari in September last year. President apologized from Hazara nation and had promised to stop target killing but all these efforts went in vain with the deceitful vows.

This is the point that Balochistan province is left to be ruled by more than four dozens corrupt ministers. What the federal government and CJP have done is improving law and order situation in Punjab and exporting the assailants in Balochistan. Centeral government has never been considerate for durable peace and security in Balochistan. Malik Ishaq who is the mastermind of Lashkar-e- Jangui (LJ) and is charged with the murders of hundreds of people was released with protocol in July last year by CJP.

No doubt that media is the backbone of the country. It is the only instrument that oppressed nations have. At least media should be impartial and provide balanced reports to defend and promote a democratic dispensation and a just social order. Hazaras under leadership of HDP went to Islamabad and protested in front of parliament but their protest was given almost no coverage.

“After any incident news reporters come and interview dozens of mourners but broadcast almost none. Their reports on television screen is not more than what they say about the number of dead bodies and wounded ones”, said a Hazara boy.

Javid chudhry a journalist on Express News channel expressed more pity and grieve on a bus burnt by angry protesters than fourteen vegetable venders who were killed cold bloodedly near Akhter Abad on October o4, 2011. He did not say anything about the arrest of the culprits bud did not forget to ask the government to present “Sitar-e- Joraat” to the bus driver.

If we come to print media, we can find many like Orya Maqbool Jan who put pen to paper to speak their utmost hatred by lying and turning blind eye to realities. In his piece he has tried his best to prove Hazaras Afghan refugees. He must have found it easy to write about some cars burnt in Qandari Bazar but for sure he must have found very difficult to write about 26 innocent Hazaras who were taken out of the bus, lined up and fired in front of their loved ones.

Dear Hazaras, This is the century in which people think of science and technology. Everybody speaks of inventions and discoveries, but capable people of your community are the everyday target of terrorists. So let’s join hands together and fight the challenges ahead.

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