New terrorist attack on Hazaras killed more than a dozen in Quetta

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attack on Hazaras
Attack on Hazaras: Security officials examine the wreckage of a destroyed bus after a bomb explosion on the outskirts of Quetta on Thursday. – Photo by AFP

QUETTA: More than a dozen Hazaras were killed and 20 other injured when a bus carrying pilgrims was targeted with a bomb in Hazar Ganji area on the outskirts of Quetta Pakistan.

Martyred Names:

1. Ali Hussain S/O Zia Mohammad
2. Ali Bostan
3. Ghulam Reza S/O Qurban Ali
4. Sarwar S/O Mohd Sultan
Including 2 women and 4 unknown death bodies

Injured Names:

1. Amir Mohd S/O Ramazan
2. Shah Hussain S/O Nawroz Ali
3. Ejaz Ali S/O Abdul Raheem
4. Ali Hussain S/O Hussain Ali
5. Ali Yawar S/O Mohd Hassan
6. Mohd Nabi S/O Safdar Ali
and 4 Police are also injured.
*Note: The names are not complete but we will update as soon as we get them.

Source: Hazara Democratic Party

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    Absolute tragedy. Poor Hazara people, only wanting to live in peace. Can’t these terrorists who persecute the Hazara change their minds and devote themselves to love and goodwill instead?