Connection between the Hazara people and the Khazars?

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HIN: We have created a community page on Facebook to collect information about any possible relationship between the Hazaras and the Khazars.
Both peoples are Turkic and some Turkic historians in Afghanistan strongly believe in direct connection between them. They say the name of the Khazar sea (Caspian) and Hazar city of Turkmenistan have been taken from the Hazara or the Khazar people.

You can join us on Facebook and help us to collect information.

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  2. Aliimranabedi


  3. John Toettcher

    Insofar as it is relevant (?) to the debate on Facebook, etc, the above reference clarifies the situation concerning the means by which the country of Turkey became culturally turkified, and why Turkish nationals do not generally physically resemble ‘genetically’ turkic peoples – who more closely resemble typical Hazara, with central Asian physical traits. There is much denial of reality, and lack of clear thought, in the debates. Care should be taken to distinguish between Turkish and turkic, and between Chinese and mongol, and between ethnicity and culture (including language and religion).

  4. Pepe

    Its about time that Asian nations such as Mongolia,South Korea,China,Japan must step in to stand up for the rights & plights of these Mongoloid Asiatic people.[Google ‘sicko Uncle Sam’ at forum]