Suicide bombers attack foreign contracting U.S. company in Kabul

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According to reports, the Taliban Movement has targeted the compound of a foreign contracting US Company in east Kabul. The attack took place around 11:00 am local time in Pule Charkhi area of Kabul, when a suicide attacker with V-Bed hits the compound of Contrack International, killing one civilians and injured several others.

It is the second attack in Kabul this month. Taliban Spokes man has said in a statement that the American Company which was involved in security had been under their surveillance for a long time.

Mohammad Yasin, one of the worker of Contrack International, who was badly injured said that : ” I was working in my department that a blast happened and after that everything came down, I was on the floor and could not judge what happened and was shocked. I was in the remains until my friend came and rescued my life”.

The Afghan government says the Taliban have no chance of taking over and that police and troops can take control once Western forces pull out.

Taliban Claims Responsibility Of Suicide Bomb Targeted US Contracting Compnay.

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