A Hazaragi Restaurant

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A Hazaragi restaurant in Dahan Awdila Village, Behsood District, Maidan Province.

A restaurant in the middle of two destination has historical significance in Afghanistan, particularly in Hazara populated areas.When Hazaras have a long distance journey, they need to stay in any restaurant in the middle of the way for a night or even sometimes two or three nights. These restaurants are very basic but warm.

You can pay for the meal and get unlimited green tea, candies, blanket and free space to sleep overnight.

The food is very basic. The most luxurious item is kebab. Shorwa (kind of Hazaragi soup) and plain rice are other items in menu.

Mostly Hazaras have to pass from Pashtun areas which are dangerous and filled with Taliban. When people come in these restaurants, they exchange their experiences and observation from the security situation. The passengers who are supposed to cross the dangerous areas, take decisions. Sometimes they wait for several days for security situation to improve. Or some times they exchange about the road condition. If roads are blocked due to flood or heavy snowfall, they still have to wait there. NO EXTRA CHARGES AT ALL.

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