Protest and Candlelight Vigil on Beheading of Shukria and Other Victims in Front of CNN

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By Muhammed Rizaee

On Friday, November 13, 2015 a peaceful protest and a candlelight vigil were held in front of CNN’s headquarter, Atlanta Georgia USA, protesting the genocide of the Hazara people. The protest ran from 4:30 PM. to 5:50PM with the vigil following from 5:50PM to 6:10PM. More than 290 brochures had been handed to people who passed by. This demonstration was held during downtown Atlanta’s afternoon rush hour to attract the most attention of passers-by. DSC00176 More than 45 people attended this demonstration, including women, children, and sympathetic Pakistani Americans. Kaiser Ali, who attended the protest and candlelight vigil, said that he broke into tears when he heard that the Taliban beheaded a nine-year-old Hazara girl after kidnapping her. He participated this even to stand in solidarity with Hazara victims who have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan and to show his fellow Americans what is going on with Hazaras.

Over all, the reason to this demonstration was to show our sympathy to the Shukria’s family members and other victims’ families who lost their loved ones, and to send this message to them that we are with you.

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