To The Leadership of The National Unity Government

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By: Ali Amiri

Source: Interstellar Bulletin #37, Star Educational Society weekly newspaper – Kabul, Afghanistan

These days that everyone is just talking and writing voraciously, the advices will not be heard or considered. But I, following the tradition of “Advice” which roots back to our ancient culture, want to address some points to the leadership of the National Unity Government, especially President Ghani.

13199385_10208330215786507_1712639044_o1. The government should stop absolutism and should not rule on people despotically. They should share the logic of their decision with the people, civil society, experts, and convince the representatives of the people by logical reasons; and defend their decisions rationally and wisely. Like this, first the stability of the government will get increased, and also there will be noting in hands of oppositions to criticize the government.

2. The logics of the government about transferring the TUTAP line from Salang are: first, the government reasons that transmission of electricity line from Salang Pass has greater economic benefits for the country. Second, it helps to balance the development of the country. Third, it is safe and secure. Fourth, it is has the maximum satisfaction of the public with. Fifth, it is according to the logic of development and approved by experts and technicians. Sixth, transiting the power line from Salang will result to a maximum rate of brotherhood among the people of the country. So, if the government cannot prove these five reasons for its decision, the decision is irrational.

3. Until now, as it is clear, the decision of the government has none of the above mentioned features. Contrarily, these are the protestors who are consisting that the decision of the government is against findings of the technical survey, the rout is; and finally the decision is unfair, discriminatory and inconsistent to balanced development. Today, the minister of energy and power of the government spoke with the utmost irrationality and frivolity; no reasons and justification, but the decision of the Cabinet. Such talk is good for the kings and despots, not a professional minster a democratically elected government. Ruling on ignorant people is an opportunity that every ruler, more or less, enjoys it, but hearing the voice of the people is a blissful happiness that only a blessed ruler is privileged to benefit from. Who cares for his future, and do not want be sunk in present cruelty, this thing is worthy of much attention.

4. If the Cabinet fails to defend its decision logically, the worst message to people is: a message of betrayal. In that case, even if they implement their decision, they are failed. We had many rulers who failed. Doctor Ashraf Ghani has the chance to be a victor ruler of this land. Therefore, if he thinks the decision is right, must invite all the protestors to a debate in Media, and after convincing the protestors implement the decision with no worries, and full support of the people.

5. But if the government fails to defend its decision technically and logically, then, in the eyes of the public, the Cabinet’s decision will be counted discriminatory and remove policy. And this is not a stain easily be erased. This means that even the president yet, take a lesson from the bitter experiences of the past. And one who does not learn from the past, will be a lesson for the future generations. Taking a wrong decision is from the absence of reason, but to reconsider a wrong decision is the sign of consciousness of reason. Mr. President should not be afraid to change his mind, but to be afraid of wrong decision.

6- Summary of all these points is considering the interests and rationality to put and to the current crisis. In the current crisis, if the interests and rationality is considered, we all will lose; the country, the regime and more than any other, President Ghani.

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